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Armstrong Craven provides a powerful combination of international Search and Intelligence services to help organisations attract, develop and retain the talented people they need. We consult, diagnose and deliver effective campaigns which are aligned with clear commercial objectives.

Experts in our field, with a successful track record, our pioneering approach continues to be highly valued by companies around the world.

Your questions answered

How have our competitors penetrated the market?

This question demands a clear understanding of the motivation behind it. By asking you to explain your underlying interests, we tailor our approach and ensure you get the response you need.

Understanding the landscape and identifying key competitors is a key first step - whether you think you know them or not. We then build on this by gathering bespoke information from individual competitors. We look at the issue from an operational point of view – how companies are structured, how they feel it helps maximise business potential, what they would like to change and why. Our research goes further to gather views and opinions on what it’s like to work in the country, the current situation, the pros and cons, threats and future opportunities. We create a detailed picture and provide you with commercial insights to feed into your business strategy.

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Why can’t we attract the people we need?

There can be many answers to this common question such as using the wrong recruitment channels, vague or confusing corporate communication or lack of engagement with the target audience. Armstrong Craven will gather valuable intelligence to find the root cause of the problem and draw on our expertise to provide you with the solution.

We may find that the people are out there, but in short supply and not registered with agencies or reading certain media – this demands a systematic campaign to identify, engage and encourage them to join your organisation. By identifying and speaking to potential candidates with the right profile, we can find out what they think of your company and the role. We look at why they have a problem and create strategies to address the issues and so avoid the need for future Search.

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Where do we find and attract diverse talent?

The talent is out there if you know where – and how - to find it. Armstrong Craven works with multinational employers across the world to find exceptional performers of all genders and backgrounds. We recruit individuals to exacting specifications and create rich pipelines to help you select from the very widest pool of talent. We do this by delving into the market to explore the conditions in which rare talent thrives.

You may need market insights to support succession planning, diverse pipelining and employer reputation. Or you may have questions around what is preventing your organisation from improving diversity and inclusion. Whatever the aim, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

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What do people really think of our organisation?

Whether connected with business performance, business planning or people strategies, managing reputation is integral to sustained success. For example:

  • Poor performance: you may need to assess if this is having an impact on your reputation or if it is caused by poor reputation.
  • Creating a winning employment proposition: benchmarking your organisation against competitor employers will enable you to engage effectively.
  • Good reputation / Bad reputation: understanding why this is the case will allow you to either maintain your positive position or take action to improve a failing reputation.

Whatever the scenario, we gather the insights to understand what people think and why – and then suggest effective strategies to support your goals.

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