This is my final blog as Director Asia Pacific for Armstrong Craven.

My colleague, Helen Coult, has taken over the reins in APAC as I begin the next chapter in my life – retirement in Portugal.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to progress in their career that a stint in APAC is a must.  A move to this unique region means encountering individuals and situations that you’re not used to, have never experienced, or been aware of, but each will enable you to intellectually grow and mature in intangible ways.

I have learnt that APAC is fascinatingly diverse in terms of cultural nuances. Each APAC country has its own unique individuality and one size definitely does not fit all.

If businesses are aiming to put APAC in a neat box then, in my humble opinion, they are misguided.

Until you have lived, breathed and worked in the region you simply cannot understand its uniqueness.  Greater China, India, SE Asia, Australia, Japan all come with their own set of complexities in terms of legislation and cultural and language barriers.

Working in this region has made me more adaptable, open-minded and resourceful.

I would like to thank Armstrong Craven for giving me the privileged opportunity to set up and establish their APAC office in Singapore during these past three years.

I would also like to thank, colleagues, clients and new found friends for making me feel so welcome and for making this a truly life changing experience.

Armstrong Craven has grown substantially in APAC each year since launching in 2015 and the Singapore hub is now a key part of the company’s wider global growth strategy.

My replacement, Helen Coult, already knows the region extremely well from her numerous visits and I know she will enjoy spearheading the next phase of Armstrong Craven’s growth in APAC as much as I have enjoyed my time here.

  • Armstrong Craven is a global talent mapping and pipelining specialist with offices in the UK and Singapore.