In the recently published AC Review, our CEO Tom Mason talked about how some recruitment models are “broken”.

He went on to explain how “business critical roles need to be treated in a different way to graduates and junior management. Intelligence and insight are becoming the weapons of choice for organisations that need to secure scarce and senior talent quickly and in a cost efficient manner.”

It is almost a year since I joined the Financial Services team at Armstrong Craven and it is clear that AC’s disruptive approach to talent acquisition is increasingly in demand.

Prior to 2008, the FS sector was probably the biggest spender when it came to recruitment. Ten years on, it is possibly the most cost conscious.

It means a different approach, one that is far more strategic and gives the greatest possible chance of identifying and recruiting the talent that is most in demand.

It is an approach which enables organisations to avoid getting sucked into a talent war. In FS, where there are a growing number of specialist and niche roles, in areas such as risk and compliance, it has never been more important to have a clear understanding of the market ahead of time.

Today’s talent also expects a different approach. For many, it is no longer about the specific job role and the associated salary.

Instead, talent has many deeper questions. What does my career path look like? What kind of working environment can I expect? What does the brand stand for? What are its values?

Talent will no longer be treated like commodities and organisations which see its people in terms of a revolving door, one in, one out, are not the kind of organisations that will attract the best talent in today’s more discerning market.

These are some of the reasons why the old recruitment models are breaking and why the smart employers are increasingly seeing the value of a more strategic approach to their hiring.

Armstrong Craven does not replace in-house TA. Instead we partner with them to enhance its recruitment methodology and give it the greatest possible chance of attracting the very best senior and scarce talent to their organisations.

We provide services such as insight, mapping and pipelining in an agile and flexible manner which gives the best return on investment. We manage data in a disciplined way, maintaining regular engagement with the talent whether you have a requirement now, in six months or in 18 months’ time.

As I approach my first anniversary at AC, it feels good to be talking to clients and prospective customers about a different way of doing things, one which provides an alternative to those “broken” recruitment models