Candidate Referencing

Deploy the right support and development plans from day one.

We verify a candidate’s background and credentials to ensure every hire you make is the right one and to mitigate hiring risks.

Candidate Referencing

How we help

Our global Candidate Referencing service gives organisations everything they need to know about the people they are planning to hire.

We will give you the knowledge you require concerning strengths and weaknesses and, ultimately, confirm whether they have what is necessary to do the job you need them to do.

We don't just source the best person for the role, but also identify areas for improvement so your company can apply the right support and development plans from day one.

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The benefits of Candidate Referencing

Discover whether candidates can perform as required and if not, how they can be supported to succeed.
With the line between success and failure so thin, our Management Due Diligence will ensure your business stays on the right side.
Candidate Referencing service allows us to verify a candidate’s background and credentials.
We ensure they have all the experience, skills and leadership qualities required for the role.

Our approach to Candidate Referencing

We understand how vital placing the right senior candidate is, so we deliver a reliable and discrete service which will help you make the correct placement.


Whether you’re trying to benchmark a pipeline of candidates or perform due diligence on the final candidate, we conduct discreet checks to provide a fuller picture of a person’s employment history.


We go beyond the list of referees provided by a candidate to receive independent and objective checks.


We don’t stop investigating until we’re satisfied, so you can rest-assure you’re receiving a thorough investigation into your next hire.

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