Competitor Insight

Finding new ways to outperform your competition.

Competitor Insight

The difference between a good business and a great business is in the ability of its leaders to adapt quickly and make the right decisions about future strategy. Key to this is having credible information about customer buying behaviours, product innovation, disruptive technology, and competitors. 

Our dedicated Insight & Talent Analytics team provide these competitor insights. We help you gather a different perspective of the markets in which you operate and those you might be considering. We do so through a combination of analysis of publicly available data and conversations with the experts in those markets.

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How talent research supports competitor insights.

In every sector, staying at the forefront is getting tougher.
Whether it's discovering how your competitor’s internal teams are structured or what technology is being deployed by the best in class organisations in other sectors, our insight services can help you benchmark your business.
By providing intelligence, we enable you to create tactical plans which focus on immediate improvements and strategic roadmaps requiring long-term investment.
This can help you determine where you currently stand both against your immediate competitors as well as global exemplars and the steps you need to take to gain a competitive edge in these rapidly changing times.

Our Approach

In each of our core industry sectors, our team of highly experienced and professional consultants and researchers will build a bespoke insight programme, discussing your key business challenges before devising a project to give you the data to address them.

We do this for clients who want to benchmark their business against regional or global markets, using our extensive in-house language capabilities to ensure our primary research is always gathered by a native speaker. 

We gather, sift, and evaluate intelligence from the public domain.  We collect opinions and perceptions from online sources and databases. To these, we add the third dimension of personal market insight from those involved in and with the market in focus.

This allows us to accurately assess the structures, opportunities, trends, and prospects in each market, and bring the most relevant information to bear to help our clients solve their critical business problems.  We work alongside you to compare and interpret the resulting intelligence, to provide your business with unique and unparalleled competitor insight. 

Our Service Lines

Our Insights & Talent Analytics services can help you understand how your competitors and the best-in-class companies in other sectors are tacking the issues that are keeping you awake at night.

Once you have this full understanding you will be able to assess all available options and make your strategic decisions armed with the facts rather than on instinct alone. At Armstrong Craven, we support you throughout this process and our partnership extends past competitor insights into helping you secure the talent that can implement your strategy through the following service lines:

  • Talent Mapping – We’ll scour relevant talent pools to identify qualified candidates for your talent acquisition team to approach
  • Talent Pipelining – From the initial approach to the interview stage, we’ll screen each candidate and deliver a list of ready-to-hire candidates for current and future requirements
  • Executive Search – Our thorough approach to executive search allows us to identify and secure the high-level candidates who can guide your business through times of transformation
  • Executive RPO – We provide a fully outsourced process for ensuring leadership hires in your business, allowing you to focus on business priorities without worrying about succession or finding new leaders
  • Candidate Referencing – We verify a candidate’s background and credentials to ensure every hire you make is the right one and to mitigate hiring risks
  • Management Due Diligence – By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of executive candidates, we make sure only the best join your senior team

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