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Diversity Mapping, Pipelining & Insights

Improving diversity has positive effects at every level of business. From individual contributors to C-suite leaders, we help you establish strategies and relationships to create a truly equitable workplace.

Businesses that hire more diverse teams benefit not just from a variety of skills and approaches to problem-solving, but also a healthier working environment. Talent research plays a crucial part in any diversity planning strategy by first enabling a clear view of the level of diversity in the talent pool, including those potential candidates you haven’t yet managed to engage.

Diversity mapping, pipelining and insights are important steps for creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. By having a solid understanding of your current talent landscape, you can adjust and improve your DE&I recruitment strategy to attract diverse talent and create a truly inclusive company in addition to unearthing diverse talent from complementary industries and with relevant skills that you may not have previously considered.

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How talent mapping, pipelining, and talent insights support diversity planning

Thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is evolving quickly; from one-dimensional diversity to creating inclusive cultures that cultivate true diversity of thinking, experience and skills.

Through our research-based approach we help our clients find pools of talent, for now and the future, against single or multiple vacancies, that will capitalise on both inherent (e.g. ethnicity, nationality, gender) and acquired (e.g. cultural fluency, sector experience, global experience) elements of diversity.

We help our clients understand, identify, engage and hire diverse talent pools. Where diverse candidates are in short supply and in high demand, our first-principle diversity-focused research will confirm that all the target talent has been identified, and we report on the statistics of the landscape to help you better understand it.

Our Approach

With offices located in five continents, we have experience in diversity planning on a global scale.

We work alongside your HR and talent acquisition teams as partners to ensure our bespoke approach meets all your requirements and is complementary to your existing diversity hiring.

By engaging with key people within your sector and from other industries, we build unique talent intelligence which gives you valuable insights into your market, competition, and the ambitions and motivations of the talent you should be recruiting.

Our approach focuses on engaging with key individuals in sectors across the world, gaining insight into their markets, organisations or individual motivations and aspirations. As a result, you can enjoy bespoke talent research, fully attuned to your business and HR priorities.

Whether it’s gathering intelligence, building talent acquisition strategies or helping you find candidates who will be vital to securing your future, our experts are here to help.

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