Diversity Planning

Broadening your talent pool

Diversity Planning

Improving diversity has positive effects at every level of your business. From individual contributors up to C-suite leaders, we help you establish strategies and relationships to create a truly equal workforce.

Businesses who hire more diverse teams benefit not just from a variety of skillsets and approaches to problem-solving, but also a healthier bottom line. Talent research plays a crucial part in any diversity planning strategy by first enabling a clear view of the level of diversity in the talent pool, including those potential candidates you haven’t yet managed to engage.

Thorough talent mapping and pipelining, we provide access to this talent, in addition to unearthing diverse talent from complimentary industries that you may not have previously considered.

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How talent mapping, pipelining, and talent insights support diversity planning

Investing in talent research goes further than just identifying new talent pools;
we analyse the demographic to ensure they meet the needs of your immediate and future diversity strategies.
Our services go further than just helping you plan and recruit.
Our Insights & Talent Analytics capabilities enable you to understand how attractive your employer value proposition and employer brand is to diverse candidates and how your approach to diversity hiring compares to that of your competitors. This allows you to benchmark your efforts, identify the best practices taking place throughout your sector, and learn from other industries.

Our Approach

With offices located around the world, we have experience of diversity planning at a global scale.

By engaging with key people within your sector and from other industries, we build unique talent intelligence which gives you valuable insights into your market, competition, and the ambitions and motivations of the candidates you should be recruiting.

We work alongside your talent acquisition team as partners to ensure our bespoke approach meets all your requirements and is complementary to your exiting diversity hiring. Whether it’s gathering intelligence, building talent acquisition strategies or helping you find candidates who will be vital to securing your future, our experts are here to help.

Our Service Lines

Our talent mapping, pipelining, and talent insight services are a highly effective solution to diversity hiring.

Our experience extends to working alongside business and HR leaders to address hiring challenges for senior, specialist and hard to fill appointments that can ensure future success through the following service lines:

  • Executive Search – Our systematic, research-led approach to executive search allows us to identify and secure the high-level candidates who can guide your business through times of transformation
  • Executive RPO – We provide a fully outsourced process for ensuring leadership hires in your business, allowing you to focus on business priorities without worrying about succession or finding new leaders
  • Candidate Referencing – We verify a candidate’s background and credentials to ensure every hire you make is the right one and to mitigate hiring risks
  • Management Due Diligence – By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of executive candidates, we make sure only the best join your senior team

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