Discreet and unique Insight from and about key talent in the market enabling better informed business decisions.

We help you identify trends, challenges, opportunities and the major players, both businesses and individuals, to build a richer picture of your target markets.

Our Insight service not only includes global and local market intelligence, employment trend forecasting, competitor analysis and bench-marking, but also equally important deeper insight into crucial human factors such as motivation, aspiration, perception and behaviour.

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A population of proactively-generated, assessed, qualified and engaged individuals who meet your current and future hiring requirements according to business strategy. This is an active pool of candidates.

Armstrong Craven Pipelining includes business continuity and succession planning, skills shortages and diversity planning which deliver cost and time savings by helping you understand and influence perceptions and build better relationships.

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Armstrong Craven Mapping gives our clients a view of the current talent landscape containing organisations, names, job titles and contact details, but not yet involving any candidate engagement.

We often work alongside internal talent acquisition and executive search teams teams to provide strategic support to increase the quality and quantity of candidate profiles.

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Executive RPO

Armstrong Craven’s Executive RPO offering provides clients with a flexible and scalable service to meet their scarce and senior talent requirements.

We complement your existing talent acquisition and executive search teams with an approach that is fully aligned with your internal processes.

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Executive Search

Armstrong Craven’s Executive Search service will help you find the people you need, when you need them and wherever they are in the world.

We specialise in finding high-level candidates, rare or in-demand talent and those from under-represented groups.

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Management Due Diligence

A company’s senior management team is crucial to the success of any organisation. You need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, where the gaps lie and how to provide the right support to ensure your team and those within it are able to perform at the top of their game.

Armstrong Craven’s Management Due Diligence service will provide you with all the insight and information that you need.

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Candidate Referencing

Armstrong Craven’s global due diligenceservice enables organisations to know everything they need to know about the person / s they are planning to hire.

We will give you the knowledge you require concerning strengths and weaknesses and, ultimately, confirm whether they have what is required to do the job you need them to do.

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