Armstrong Craven Insight seeks out high value intelligence about the world’s key market sectors from direct contact with the people working in those marketplaces. Identification of trends, challenges, opportunities and major players - both businesses and individuals - all add up to help our clients build a richer picture of the markets in which they work (or are considering working) and make better-informed business decisions.

Our Insight service includes global and local market intelligence; employment trend forecasting; competitor analysis and benchmarking; but also deeper insight into crucial human factors such as motivation, aspiration, perception and behaviour.

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Armstrong Craven Pipelining helps businesses plan for success in an unpredictable world. We help you place people at the heart of proactive, integrated and resilient business strategies.

Our Pipelining service includes business continuity and succession planning; skills shortages and diversity planning; cost and time savings through advance planning; understanding and influencing perceptions; and advance relationship building.

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Armstrong Craven Mapping allows organisations to have an in-depth understanding of best talent. It ensures you have up-to-date information about potential candidates.

We often partner internal talent acquisition teams who require additional support to increase the number of candidate profiles.

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