The Challenge

Once you’ve appointed a new senior executive, it can be extremely costly to find out that they don’t have the necessary experience, skills or leadership style to perform in the role. So it’s all-important that you can verify a candidate’s background and credentials accurately and discreetly. 

Identifying shortcomings in a preferred candidate won’t necessarily be a deal breaker. They could still be the best person for the role. Our reports will help you to assess this, and – if you still hire them – to create the right support and development plans to ensure that they succeed in their new role from day one.

The Challenge
How we can help

How we can help

Using evidence from independent sources, we’ll ascertain that you’ve identified the right person for the role. Whether your objective is to benchmark shortlisted candidates against each other, or to perform due diligence on the final candidate, this can reveal aspects of personality and performance that would have otherwise remained undiscovered until much later – possibly when it was too late to avoid a mistake.

Whether you want to check a specific candidate’s credentials or develop a full, rounded and balanced picture of every senior executive you plan to invest in, our international referencing service could be invaluable to your business. This service is used by private equity investors in deal situations, so the quality of our work is paramount – along with our reliability and discretion. 

Using our considerable knowledge and experience, we’re able to identify people who are aware of your potential employees, but have not been provided by them as referees. This will give you a fuller picture of a candidate’s long-term performance, as these ‘off-list’ referees are entirely independent and objective. 

What’s more, we don’t stop until we’re convinced we have a true picture of an individual. For example, if we receive a very negative view on someone, we’ll reference the referee to establish why that individual feels so strongly, rather than just taking their opinion at face value. 

Our international capability is core to delivering this service. It’s enhanced by using relevant accredited agencies to retrieve data for background checks, which also ensures compliance with local legal requirements. 

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