Executive RPO

At Armstrong Craven we are dedicated to identifying scarce and senior talent.

We apply a research-based approach to provide our clients with access to the entire talent market. 

Our in-depth cross sector knowledge has supported our client’s successful growth in scarce talent markets, new geographies and improving diversity at senior level.

Our RPO offering supports organisations that require flexible and scalable resource to focus on senior talent acquisition. 

We complement existing internal talent acquisition and executive search teams by providing dedicated headcount to focus entirely on giving them quick access to the senior talent market. This headcount can be scaled to suit the immediate need and is supported by the Armstrong Craven infrastructure to provide an efficient means of securing qualified interested and available candidates.

Our approach ensures our teams are fully integrated into your process and we align key metrics to provide detailed analysis of our activity and success while enabling a shift towards more proactive sourcing and a better ROI. 

Our activity produces valuable insight for our clients which enables them to better plan the on boarding of scarce talent and reduce business risk for key strategic growth hiring.

Executive RPO

Why Armstrong Craven?


Every organisation requires a different approach, and working closely with Talent Acquisition and Search Executive teams, we create a solution that enables our clients to focus on the parts of the process that they want to. 


We scale to suit your need. Whether it is 10 or 1,000 hires per year, in one country or across a global footprint, we can scale our teams quickly and support your growth on an ongoing basis, or to deliver a specific project.


Better utilisation of your resources and significant ROI from our delivery will ensure reduced time and cost of hire, while improving the quality of service to your hiring managers.


Our delivery teams are sector aligned and we have been providing research led delivery for over 28 years. We are an expert in our field and a specialist at providing key industry insight to support our client’s expansions into new territories, emerging skill sets and succession planning. The Armstrong Craven team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in addition to capability in over 25 languages.


We work across the globe and have considerable expertise in the cultural nuances and market specific challenges that can affect organisations’ ability to be successful.

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