Armstrong Craven Executive Search is efficient and effective in finding and securing high level professionals, rare or in-demand talent and those from under-represented groups.

You’ll only pay for the level of service you require – whether that is a full search through to successful placement, delivery of a robust shortlist of screened and assessed candidates, or even a long list for you or your teams to take on through your hiring process.

Unlike traditional Executive Search, you will own all the data from our work and can go on to make additional hires at no extra cost.

You’ll be involved and informed from start to finish. As we benchmark candidates, you’ll have access to that information in real-time, online.

As well as finding you a winning candidate, we aim to leave you with a warm talent pool
to identify and track as potential future employees and a thorough understanding of the

You’ll have a bigger picture – not just quantitative data about each candidate’s skills,
experience and remuneration but qualitative information about their motivations,
aspirations and perceptions.

By gathering information about how your candidates see you, your competitors and your
marketplace, you’ll understand better how to attract the best people to your business.

We know that the people who will shape the next phase of your business success are not just out there waiting for you to contact them. They’re making their own plans, building their own futures.

We’ll help you find the people whose ambitions match yours and help you become their
first choice.



We work in partnership with you. Between us we’ll work out the parts of this process that you’re comfortable handling and which parts you want us to look after. This way, you only pay for what you need, nothing else.

We’re proven experts at finding people wherever they are in the world. We have a strong track record across all sectors and experience of working across 120+ countries in any given year.

Using a thorough, ground-up research approach, we systematically identify relevant people and then engage with them to discuss the opportunities you’re offering, regardless as to whether they are actively seeking a new role or not.

We will seek referrals and recommendations from key people in the market to unearth lateral or hidden talent. 

This ensures the whole market is covered, not just targeting the ‘usual suspects’ that traditional search throws up time and time again. 

We build a full picture of every candidate’s skills, experience, plus their character, motivation and goals, measured against your core competencies.

We’ll benchmark this against the wider market, sharing the findings with you at each step so you can be sure you are making the best hire.

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