The Challenge

A key factor in the success or failure of your business is the performance of senior management – both as individuals and as a team. They’re ultimately responsible for delivering your strategy, meeting your financial targets and enabling you to perform successfully.

Because your senior-level people are so important to you, it’s vital that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams, address any misgivings and verify critical information. Above all, you need to ascertain whether people can successfully do what’s required of them. And you need to know how to support them, if necessary. 

The most exemplary-looking candidate might have professional or personal shortcomings that, if undiscovered, could prove extremely costly – in terms of management time, business continuity and potential external recruitment costs. And in private equity-backed businesses, this can be the difference between success and failure.

The Challenge
How we can help

How we can help

Our international referencing service ensures that you’re fully informed on the backgrounds of the people you invest in. Our suite of tools and services is bespoke. We conduct standard background and credentials screening, followed by customised in-depth research – this includes thorough referencing with well-informed contacts in the marketplace. This will give you a high-level, yet specific overview of any executive you’re considering making an investment in - explaining or confirming any misgivings you may have. 

One key value of our service is that we use our knowledge and experience to identify people who have not been provided as referees by the prospective candidate. This enables us to compare the information provided by the named referees with the information we’ve obtained from our own independent sources –giving you a fuller picture of an individual’s long-term performance. 

Not only do our own referees have nothing to gain by giving a one-sided account of someone’s performance, they’re also equipped to specifically comment on an individual’s skill in a particular area. For example, superiors are often given as referees - but we might also seek the opinions of peers, subordinates and customers, to get a 360º reflection of someone’s leadership capabilities. 

And we don’t stop until we’re convinced we have the complete picture of an individual. For example, if we receive a very negative view on someone, we “reference the referee” to establish why that individual feels so strongly, rather than just take it at face value.

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