Armstrong Craven’s Mapping work enables organisations to get a view of the current talent landscape.

This is particularly important for those faced with identifying and recruiting candidates for scarce and senior positions.

We provide a high quality, cost effective Mapping service, partnering an organisation’s internal talent acquisition team.

Our Mapping service is often used by businesses whose internal talent team lacks the capacity or specialist skills but requires additional support to boost the number of candidate targets.

Talent Mapping allows organisations to adopt a strategic rather than operational approach to hiring.



Our work provides clients with names, job titles and contact details – but does not yet involve any candidate engagement.

Clients often commission our Mapping service as a prelude to engaging Armstrong Craven to deliver our Pipelining service.

The Mapping process begins with a full briefing and client communication points being agreed.

Our experienced team of specialist recruiters will then identify candidates through online and telephone research before filtering and assessing profiles.

The result will be a high quality, comprehensive report that illuminates the research and gives a full understanding of the talent.

This is Armstrong Craven Mapping.


Talent Acquisition

The most common reason for Talent Mapping is to help an organisation find and acquire the best talent. We will partner with a business’s internal talent acquisition team to provide a specific, high quality and cost effective service which allows them to take a strategic approach towards hiring the right people.

Business Continuity

Business continuity, often described as ‘just common sense’, is also viewed in terms of resilience and agility. We can help you to identify the people with the right resilience and agility to underpin your business success in the future, thus reducing the risk to your business.

Diversity Planning

It's a fact - businesses need to attract the best people. We can help your company to establish the strategies and relationships that will help you broaden your talent pool. Using a targeted approach to improve diversity at all levels within the business will lead to increased revenues and company performance.

Succession Planning

The more you plan for the future, the better prepared you will be when the need arises. We can help you identify and cultivate the individuals who have the capability to ‘step up’ when the need arises. By being prepared, you can help to ensure your business continues to function effectively with minimal disruption.

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