Armstrong Craven Pipelining positions the development of your greatest business asset – people – at the heart of your strategic planning.

Pipelining is fundamental to your business’s success now and in the future. Planning saves time, money, and manages risk for the future. Pipelining is about foresight: understanding the people implications of your broader business plans. It’s about being ready for today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges.

We ensure you are ready to thrive in unexpected circumstances. And it’s about engaging now with the people who will run your business in the future.

We help business leaders to integrate pipelining seamlessly into their overall business strategy.



We work alongside business leaders to help design pipelining solutions that support broader business goals.

We help you identify who and where the right people are, now and in the future. We help you to understand their aspirations and motivations and to understand how they see you. By managing and shaping perceptions, we help people to see you in a better, truer light.

From initial contact to point of hire, we build relationships with them on your behalf. We nurture strong bonds between you, so that when you want to attract them, they’ll be attracted to you.

This is Armstrong Craven Pipelining.


Succession planning

Disruption is an unavoidable factor in people planning and it pays to be ready when it comes. We can help you identify and cultivate the individuals ready to ‘step up’ when it does; thus helping to ensure business continuity (or minimal business disruption) due to unexpected changes.

Diversity planning

Businesses need to attract the best people. We can help you establish the strategies and relationships that will help you broaden your talent pool. Using our targeted approach to improving diversity at all levels within your business can help improve business performance and increase market share and revenue.

Business continuity

Often described as ‘just common sense’, business continuity is also described in terms of resilience and agility. We can help you identify the people with the resilience and agility to underpin your future business success and reduce risk.

Growth and capability building

Growth is the target of most businesses. But if it isn’t planned for, it can also prove their greatest challenge. As businesses succeed they need to take on new talent to continue to deliver their success. By engaging with a pool of external talent in advance, growth can be managed and talent integrated as the strategy and performance dictates, substantially reducing the people risks associated with growth.

Perception management

As it does with your customers, your business has a brand identity amongst your employees and potential employees. We can help you understand and develop your employee brand to get the best out of your people. By understanding how your brand is perceived in the marketplace and amongst new generations, we help you adapt to attract the best talent for the future.

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