Talent Insight Benefit

Armstrong Craven Insight builds a richer picture of your business markets and prospective markets. It all adds up to fuller understanding and better-informed business decisions.

We have a deep knowledge of key industries around the world. In each, we go beyond the data and make it our business to keep abreast of trends and challenges in those markets, to identify and track major players and emerging talents working in them. This intelligence adds great value to a research project, but much of it can’t be found in data. Its source? People.

We gather the personal perspectives of influential figures working in those key industry sectors and put this knowledge to work for our clients. These informal channels enable us to obtain discreet and unique insight unavailable from other sources. We do this quickly to gain insights into markets that might take months to gather by traditional means. You don’t just get the inside track - you get it faster and more cost effectively.

There is no one-size-fits-all market intelligence so every insight programme is unique and crafted for your business. We build relationships in your specific spheres of interest to deliver valuable intelligence in direct response to your particular needs.

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Talent Insight Benefit
Approach to talent Insight

Approach to talent Insight

Our team of experienced and professionally qualified experts build a bespoke insight programme to examine your particular business needs in whichever international marketplace you require.

We combine traditional market intelligence analysis and digital data gathering techniques with people intelligence to build a three-dimensional picture of each market’s particular challenges, opportunities, trends and prospects.

We gather, sift and evaluate intelligence from the public domain, and opinions and perceptions from social media and online sources. We also add personal market insight from those involved in and with the market in focus. We work alongside you to compare and interpret our findings to provide you with unique and unparalleled intelligence insight and strategic recommendations your business needs.

This is Armstrong Craven Insight.

The Armstrong Craven Insight Portfolio

We are often asked what our Insight projects look like.

The Armstrong Craven Insight Portfolio showcases some of our recent project work addressing business challenges including: best practice benchmarking, new market entry, competitor insight, gender diversity, employer brand perception, new product research, and location feasibility, amongst others.

Names have been changed and some company names have been removed in order to protect client confidentiality. Download your copy using the link below.

Download the AC Insight Portfolio
The Armstrong Craven Insight Portfolio


Improving diversity

On every successful business’s agenda – it’s simply good business practice. We’ll help you develop the diverse talent pools to give your business a competitive edge.

Location feasibility

You’re exploring options about operating in new locations. Whether in a new town or a new continent, we can help you evaluate potential benefits and challenges.

Reward and compensation

If you want to attract the best people, then you need to know what your competitors are offering. We’ll help you benchmark your offer so you can compete with the best, for the best.

Competitor insight

No one works in a vacuum. Through direct engagement with key people in your markets we’ll help you gain insight into who and what your competitors are.

Reputation management

Your good reputation is hard earned and of great value. We’ll help you see your business as others do. Then we’ll help you nurture and protect your reputation

Customer due diligence

Customer satisfaction is essential to business success and survival. We’ll help you gain deeper insight into how past, present and potential customers view your business and its services.

Want to know more about our Talent Insight service? Speak to the Armstrong Craven team today.

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