Our Experience

The successful financial services businesses of the future will be those with the best people. Those placing people at the heart of their business planning today.

We work globally with a select portfolio of industry-leading clients helping them to understand, plan, identify and engage the best people across retail and consumer banking, wealth and investment management, corporate and commercial banking, insurance, emerging payments and back office operations, infrastructure and technology.

Today, the pace of disruption; technological development; the rise of digital and mobile banking; increased competition from new market entrants; and an increasingly challenging regulatory environment; all demand specialist skills and knowledge – but balanced by broad vision and incisive decision making.

Incisive, broad-visioned, specialists are not easy to find. Armstrong Craven is well practised in finding them. We also know how to help you attract them.

Armstrong Craven’s Financial Services team provides the Insight, Pipeline and Search solutions that enable your business to understand, plan, find and engage the people that your business needs to succeed today, tomorrow and beyond.

Project Examples

  • Talent pipelining of digital and platform change leaders, to inform a two-year enterprise transformation programme, for a global consumer cards and payments provider.
  • Succession planning of MD level talent across all distribution and corporate functions, within a global retail bank.
  • Female talent pipelining and insight, at an MD & ED level, across AsiaPac, for a global investment bank.
  • Insight and pipelining within the global mobile payments sector, for a global financial services institution.
  • Insight into competitor structures and organisational design, for a global retail bank.
  • Talent pipelining of national and non-resident national talent across Africa and the Middle East, at a Director and Managing Director level, for a global financial services institution.
  • Recent assignments include Managing Director for Digital Banking at a global retail bank, Chief Compliance Officer for a global financial services institution and Managing Director of Customer Experience at a global retail bank.


We enjoy working with AC because it feels as though you are working with colleagues rather than an outside company, AC get under your skin as they understand your culture and the sort of people that will really fit in. They go the extra mile - they do some of your work for you and they are flexible to your needs. Even more important is that you trust them to represent your company professionally. Having dealt with a number of head-hunting firms you are never quite sure how they are describing your culture or what they are saying about you but because you feel you really know the person you are working with at AC you trust them. You also get a sense that the people who work with you from AC really know their industry sector and give good unbiased advice on the best places to look for your candidates.

HR Director, Mutual Assurance Society