Our Experience in the Technology Sector

In today’s tech industry, cutting-edge innovations are converging to create exciting new products. From cloud-based technologies condensed into wearable equipment to cars which harness the power of the Internet of Things, the industry is constantly evolving. 

With so many exciting opportunities available, the experts who can make technology more efficient, effective and imaginative are in highest demand as industry-leading companies fight over the same talent pool.  

The demand is strong and to successfully attract the best people, companies need to present them with exciting opportunities. Those who can secure this talent will find themselves quickly leading industry and sitting on the cutting-edge.

Our experience in technology is as diverse and far-reaching as the sector itself. We have helped global businesses source established leaders and rising stars. Our approach to talent mapping and pipelining has allowed us to locate diverse talent across specialisms including digital, eCommerce, mobile and big data, giving our clients an unrivalled advantage.

We develop your understanding and strategies needed to be able to identify and engage with the best technology talents. By building relationships, understanding their motivation and aspirations, you can identify and attract high value technology experts exactly when you need them.

Armstrong Craven’s technology team provides the Insight, Pipeline and Search solutions that enable your business to understand, plan, find and engage the people that your business needs to succeed today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Project Examples in the Technology Sector

  • Senior Vice President, succession planning exercise across four continents, to engage multibillion business unit leaders on behalf of this software, technology leading organisation
  • Future Technology Leaders, worldwide pipelining project, focusing on female CTOs of the future for a global leading telecoms group
  • Talent pipelining project identifying key senior management across Europe for a global software company, paying particular attention to gender representation
  • Key competitor talent landscape for business intelligence and project management sales across EMEA for a global software company
  • Chief Information Officer search for a global consumer finance company
  • European Head of enterprise application services search for a mobile operator