Location Feasibility

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Location Feasibility

Investor expectations mean that every executive team needs to investigate ways to improve business performance. Whether the strategy is one of global expansion, reducing the cost to serve or restructuring supply chains, many organisations invest huge amounts of time and money in relocating parts of their operations, often into territories they know very little about.  

From a detailed analysis of talent pools to providing insights on the regional competition to understanding what motivates local talent to change employers, our Insight & Talent Analytics team can help make sure the next move you make is the right one.

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How talent intelligence supports location feasibility

Companies considering moving part or all their business to a new location regularly overlook how to bring a team on board that have the right skills and experience to make the project a success.
Salary and demographic data are easy to find, but an in-depth understanding of how many people have the right experience or the necessary academic, technical, language or managerial skills you need is much harder.
Our Insight & Talent Analytics team deliver current location information which will inform how viable your expansion plans truly are.
We’ve helped multinational corporations make data-driven offshoring, near-shoring, and reshoring decisions, providing a clear understanding of the cost, accessibility, attitudes, and motivations of the talent they needed to be successful.

Our Approach

At Armstrong Craven, we work in partnership with your business to ensure we can support you through times of growth or transformation.

We understand each brief is different, and our bespoke approach to talent intelligence has allowed us to work alongside some of the most exciting and forward-thinking companies around the world.

Each project starts by spending time with our client to understand their plans and business strategy to quickly define what about the talent population to ensure the rapid ramp-up and long-term success of the new location. 

We can analyse everything from the size, diversity and other demographics of the potential talent population, cost of living and benefits offered to more granular information such as commuting trends and language capabilities. 

Our primary research team overlays this data with the attitudes and motivations of the talent population, including details on career aspirations and barriers to progression, how valuable each benefit is considered to be and the perceptions of our client and how to make them an employer of choice. 

The in-depth reports help our clients ensure any planned expansions take place only in locations where success is achievable and cost-effective.

Our Service Lines

The detailed reports provided by our Insights & Talent Analytics team ensure that when considering moving part or all of your operations to a new location, country or continent you can be armed with more information about the local talent population than even your new local competitors. 

This full understanding will allow you to assess the viability of a new location with the confidence of having all the facts.  At Armstrong Craven, we support you throughout this process and our partnership extends past location studies into helping you secure the leadership, niche and rare talent that can ensure a successful relocation through the following service lines:

  • Talent Mapping – We’ll scour relevant talent pools to identify qualified candidates for your talent acquisition team to approach
  • Talent Pipelining – From the initial approach to the interview stage, we’ll screen each candidate and deliver a list of ready-to-hire candidates for current and future requirements
  • Executive Search – Our thorough approach to executive search allows us to identify and secure the high-level candidates who can guide your business through times of transformation
  • Executive RPO – We provide a fully outsourced process for ensuring leadership hires in your business, allowing you to focus on business priorities without worrying about succession or finding new leaders
  • Candidate Referencing – We verify a candidate’s background and credentials to ensure every hire you make is the right one and to mitigate hiring risks
  • Management Due Diligence – By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of executive candidates, we make sure only the best join your senior team

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