AC Review highlights key issues confronting Talent Acquisition and HR leaders

Published 05/02/2019 - 2 min Read

By Armstrong Craven Team

Talent Research Specialists

Quick Summary An insight into digital talent trends and what to expect over the coming years.

2 min Read

The second edition of the Armstrong Craven Review takes an in-depth look at three of the big challenges and opportunities facing HR and Talent Acquisition.

Included in this issue are articles looking at the growing importance of creating an age-agnostic workplace; how to make Agile recruitment part and parcel of your embedded processes and practices; and getting your organisation’s digital strategy right to avoid missing out the best talent in the coming years.

Jackie Bernard, a member of Armstrong Craven’s Knowledge and Information Services team, takes an in-depth look at how the smartest organisations are embracing the changing workplace with older workers working alongside the young.

Jackie writes: “Major demographic changes, especially an increase in life expectancy, are likely to lead to significant shifts in our working lives.

“These changes are already starting to take effect for employees currently in the workforce and will likely have an even greater effect on those yet to join.

“It will mean that governments, corporations and individuals will all have to adapt to new ways of working and living.”

One of AC’s Programme Managers, has contributed the piece on Agile recruitment practices and how they have the ability to “remove complexity in work processes, enabling teams to deliver rapid results and to effectively respond to change.”

Sam quotes Jim Richardson, Talent Consultant and former Director of Talent, Learning and Resourcing at Santander UK, in his article. Jim says: “For Agile to really work in recruitment there needs to be clear process parameters established and an ability to pivot and change depending on market conditions or the candidates’ pools behaviour.”

The  AC Review’s article on digital talent trends states:  “Talent pools will change more rapidly in the coming years than they have in the past and that is especially the case for digital talent.

“Corporations need to adjust requirements and organisational changes to fit the landscape, only then can they plan for the right skills and capabilities required.”

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