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Published 06/01/2015 - 5 mins Read

By Armstrong Craven Team

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Quick Summary Launching our new service offering, Leadership Risk Intelligence.

5 mins Read

People intelligence firm Armstrong Craven has launched a new service offering, Leadership Risk Intelligence. Developed by the firm’s Commercial Director, Alison Ettridge, the service draws on her fifteen years’ experience in the search industry and with succession consultancies, to develop a best practice approach to managing leadership risk.

Leadership Risk Intelligence encompasses elements of experience from across the firm’s practices and applies them in a newly identified service offering that is distinctly future-focussed, and encourages businesses to future-proof their teams. In order to build awareness on the subject, Armstrong Craven will publish a thought leadership paper entitled Risk Committees and Leadership Risk Management during the week commencing 19th January 2015.

Commenting on the launch Alison Ettridge said: “The publication of the paper is the first of many steps in an educational journey to support our client base globally. We will post video content from a leading authority on talent in global business, discussing leadership risk, its implications and management in February 2015.”

To complement the paper, Armstrong Craven will be hosting a webinar on best practice in leadership risk management in March, and holding a breakfast seminar to help business leaders and HR Directors understand what is being done in this area.

Talking through Armstrong Craven’s approach to risk management, Ettridge explained: “The first stage in the process is for companies to build an understanding of what best practice is. Managing leadership risk is an acknowledgment that circumstances can challenge business continuity, unexpected changes in a leadership team will occur, and that the capability companies need changes.” She continued “Leadership risk encompasses the senior management team as a collective, the make-up of that team and their ability to execute strategy and deliver results. Leadership risk intelligence improves business continuity, ensures disruption is minimised, and makes our clients more agile and resilient in the face of change.”

Armstrong Craven works alongside business leaders to help identify areas of people risk, to challenge current plans, and to design succession plans that will support businesses as they grow and meet new challenges. Increasingly, the right leadership team needs to adapt in line with the skills required to be successful in the future. Through the new offering, Armstrong Craven challenges views on where and who these people are, helps identify future leaders in the external landscape, and provides an insight into what good looks like from a future leadership point of view.

Armstrong Craven’s Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Mellor said: “As a people intelligence consultancy we understand how critical people are to unlocking real business potential. We also know that most organisations still heavily rely on search firms as a reaction to an unexpected change in their leadership team, since they are not able to look further forward.” He added “Market analysts and shareholders are increasingly aware of the competencies of leadership teams in global businesses; the right approach to leadership risk management should impact on share price as awareness grows. This service offering helps our clients to de-risk their leadership team, connecting them directly with the business leaders they may need as circumstances change.”

He concluded “No other company brings this experience to the table to offer such a service. Traditional firms remain too reliant on placement fees as the principal revenue stream, Armstrong Craven sees how the world is changing and wants to show clients that there is another, different, better, future-focused approach.”

For more information on leadership risk intelligence, for useful facts and figures, or to better understand the difference between people intelligence and traditional executive recruitment, please contact Armstrong Craven.

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