Catch Up: Talent Storm UK Webinar

Published 08/07/2020 - 60 min Read
Talent Storm

By Elizabeth Birrell

Director of Insight & Talent Analytics

Quick Summary Watch our recent Talent Storm webinar in collaboration with In-House Recruitment.

60 min Read

Watch our recent Talent Storm webinar in collaboration with the IHR.

What’s discussed?

  • What companies are doing now to ready themselves for an uncertain talent landscape
  • How to repurpose your Talent Acquisition team to get ahead of the curve
  • Why and how companies are overhauling their leadership teams
  • Insights and opinion from HR leaders including Andrew Stephenson of Waterstones and Deanna Oppenheimer, A truly inspiring CEO, Chair and NED
  • How business models are changing and what talent will be in demand as the economy recovers
  • How to work with suppliers to reduce costs, add capacity and provide more value to the business

…and much more!

For all the insights from our Talent Storm series, visit our Talent Storm Hub.

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