Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Beyond The Buzzwords

Published 01/10/2021

By Armstrong Craven Team

Talent Research Specialists

Quick Summary Join our US Client Partner, David Helfrich for this DE&I focussed webinar in Partnership with ATAP Global.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion US Webinar

18th October 2021
11:00 EST


in partnership with ATAP Global

Hosted by our US Client Partner, David Helfrich, we will explore this dynamic topic offering a refreshing, no-frills perspective - aiming to challenge traditional perceptions associated with DE&I.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has been at the forefront of many organizational initiatives over the past year, and rightfully so. In order to compete with the talent of tomorrow, we must all strive to be better and do better.

What's being discussed?

  • Removing institutional/organizational barriers to empower openness and authenticity when driving DEI initiatives
  • The challenges of hiring diverse candidates in niche subject matter areas
  • Challenges in hiring “diverse” candidates who come from the same elite institutions
  • Being conscious of subtle/micro-aggressive discrimination in addition to overt/obvious examples
  • Mindfulness around terms/concepts like “diversity hires” and why language and phraseology is important
  • How racism, sexism, ableism, and genderism in greater society reflects racism, sexism, ableism and genderism in the workplace


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