Hiring Highly Skilled Talent in an Unfamiliar Location

Published 26/09/2022 - 4 min Read

By Armstrong Craven Team

Talent Research Specialists

Quick Summary Discover how we discreetly found talent for 10 key positions and built a talent pipeline and map for future hiring.

4 min Read


An American conglomerate manufacturer of industrial products was radically restructuring its software engineering operations and wanted to establish a new global cloud solutions hub in Poland.

The client had no experience or knowledge of hiring technical skills within the Polish market and needed to partner with a provider who could educate them on the talent pools and hiring conditions there and provide qualified, interested and available candidates for them to swiftly hire.

The Challenge: 10 key hires with immediate starts in a new location

This strategic decision was unknown to the rest of the company so maintaining client confidentiality was crucial. The requirement was to hire around 10 key positions immediately and build a talent pipeline and talent mapping database for imminent hiring waves over the following 6-12 months. Armstrong Craven was retained to create several talent pipelines of “ready now” candidates, a pool of qualified and interested “future ready” talent and comprehensive talent maps for direct hiring use in successive future hiring waves.

The Solution

We undertook detailed company research to create a target list of organisations most likely to contain the skills mix required across all the major cities in Poland.

The target company list included:

  • Global multinationals present in Poland
  • IT Services and Consulting – local, regional and global companies
  • Software houses and consultancies
  • Cloud solutions providers – local, regional and international

Within the target organisations, AC identified individuals in cloud, software and architecture teams with on-paper skills and the right experience fit. These included:

  • Cloud Architects with AWS/Google/Microsoft cloud experience
  • Cloud Engineers with SaaS experience (and cloud experience as above)
  • C# /.NET Engineers with SaaS experience
  • C# /.NET Engineers with Payment solutions specialism
  • Project Managers with experience in managing teams working on SaaS solutions

Due to the confidential nature of the project, candidates were unaware of who the client was on first contact. They were instead engaged by the prospect of a global multi-billion organisation choosing to site its global cloud solutions centre in Poland.

We identified just under 400 experienced individuals against the required job families and submitted 43 qualified, interested, and available candidates, virtually all of whom were scheduled for an interview. 

Finally, we submitted a “state of hiring” insight report summarising findings such as the location of the talent pools, key target companies, universities training talent with relevant skills, salary benchmarking data, candidate behaviours and expectations and some support around hiring practices in the location. The client owns the talent maps and candidate profiles for all the job families, with the ability to make further approaches and offers directly with no additional hiring costs.

The Results

We identified 385 experienced candidates, all deemed on spec and delivered: 

  • 12 job offers 
  • 9 immediate hires
  • 43 qualified, interested & available candidates submitted
  • 10% Cost per hire

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