Sourcing Critical Skills for a Global Software Company

Published 26/11/2022 - 3 min Read

By Armstrong Craven Team

Talent Research Specialists

Quick Summary Discover how we provided 400 candidate profiles with critical skills to help a global software company remain competitive globally.

3 min Read


A Global Software Company approached Armstrong Craven to partner on a global project, mapping and engaging experienced software development talent, specifically with experience of developing Cloud products and applications. They were interested in the fact that we could provide them with a sourcing solution, not simply with additional heads.

The Challenge: Finding talent with specific critical skills across a range of seniorities and geographies

They wanted a flexible partner who would be able to support them to identify talent of all levels of seniority around the globe, with the capacity to scale up quickly and operate across borders with the same agility, language capabilities and market knowledge as local partners. The solution we offered was to mobilise a team of Talent Sourcers that would form a ‘sourcing engine’ to sit alongside their talent acquisition (TA), supported by our research team.

The Solution

Our Talent Sourcing team were asked to work on Critical Skill areas rather than individual roles. These were skills our client were looking to acquire from their competitors immediately and over the following 24 months. Our team was tasked with mapping and engaging with talent in North America, Canada, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, India and China. Each team member worked to find talent in several Critical Skills areas in one or two locations to ensure we maximized efficiency across time zones and delivered economies of scale. 

Our talent sourcers worked using an executive search headhunting methodology. First identifying the best talent in the market then fully qualifying each candidate and understanding their career goals before submitting them to the client's internal recruitment team. This company were relatively new to attracting this cohort of talent and would potentially not have been seen as an employer of choice to many. Therefore our team had to be experts in selling the future opportunities of joining.

Once a candidate had been screened, the team would submit them through a unique portal created to ensure full compliance with GDPR and our client’s company policies. At this point, their internal team took over the ongoing journey of each candidate.

The Outcome

Over the course of a 3-month period, a team of 10 Talent Sourcers delivered:

  • 400 new profiles
  • A comprehensive talent map of over 7000 targets globally

We were able to provide key insights on diversity, perceptions of the company and supporting salary data. Candidates were recruited into open roles and pipelined for future opportunities. The profiles and insight we provided also allowed their internal TA and Talent Intelligence teams to educate and challenge some of the internal preconceptions about the talent market in this area using both the quantitative and qualitative data presented.

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