Workforce and Talent Demographics

Considerations for Strategic Workforce Planning

We help internal teams make research-led decisions by providing in depth market insights for a variety of workforce demographics, with particular emphasis on location feasibility.

Why invest in understanding workforce demographics?

There are two common scenarios where TA teams need a deeper understanding of their target talent demographics. Usually, they explore the talent landscape to validate the feasibility of a location, typically an office move to support operational needs, but this can be on a global scale if it is expanding into a new country for growth.

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Yet, the most valuable application of this research is to help teams who are struggling to hire the talent they need. It could be failing to attract talent from underrepresented groups, which is a common outcome if the location simply doesn’t support the hiring targets.

Workforce demographic data informs decisions by providing a clear understanding of the cost, accessibility, mobility, attitudes, and motivations of the talent you need to achieve your business performance objectives.

What insight does workforce demographics research provide?

These research projects help you better understand talent. Our research projects are tailored to your requirements and based on a specific role type, a role family, or geography. The data gathered can cover any combination of the below: 

  • Experience Levels
  • Skills & Qualifications
  • Diversity Levels
  • Career Motivations
  • Competitor Hiring Activity
  • Employer Brand Perception
  • Job Seeking Habits

How We Work

At Armstrong Craven, we provide research-led people intelligence in partnership with your business to ensure we can support you through times of growth or transformation.

  • Dedicated Insight and Talent Analytics team

We've helped multinational corporations gain a clear outlook about geographical regions of interest through bespoke data insights specific to their business needs.

  • Strong experience providing talent insight and talent intelligence services to leading clients.

Armstrong Craven has vast experience implementing Talent Intelligence teams for companies to acquire, understand and report on insight. We support in creating processes for Talent Acquisition teams to follow, to gain valuable market insights into a new region. 

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If you want to learn a little more about what we do and how talent research can help you make better-informed business decisions, our team of talent research and consulting specialists are happy to help.

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