Succession Planning

Mitigating leadership risk through informed succession

Succession Planning

Your leadership team are critical to the growth of your business, but without adequate succession, the departure of any leaders could cause significant disruption.

Establishing a pipeline of next-in-line candidates composed of the best talent from the internal and external market ensures you have the required bench strength and succession in place to mitigate the risk of losing a core team member.

Investing in talent mapping and pipelining minimises the risk of leaders leaving and establishes succession from the external market, your competitors, and complementary industries. 

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How talent mapping and pipelining supports succession, leadership risk and enables business continuity

While many businesses look for succession from within, for some this isn’t adequate and internal candidates often have a considerable development curve to make the step up.
Regardless of your situation, we help you continue with business as usual by preparing a pipeline filled with qualified candidates ready to slot into leadership roles.
Effective leadership risk and business continuity plans go hand-in-hand.
Having a pipeline of top-level talent to support this can help minimise disruptions, satisfy investors, and make your business more resilient.

Our Approach

At Armstrong Craven, our hands-on approach sees us working closely with your internal leaders.

This partnership allows us to deliver comprehensive senior talent maps, pipelines and competitor insights attuned to specific business needs in a scalable and cost-effective way.

We refer to our talent mapping and pipeline services as ‘deconstructed search’, as our methodology and rigour often surpass that of the leading executive search firms but enable us to work with clients as an agile partner.

Many of our clients want to understand the leadership talent available to them, but do not want to commission a full search at significant expense. Talent mapping and pipelining is a cost-effective solution that combines a research-led approach with detailed talent insights to guide your succession every step of the way.

Our Service Lines

Our talent mapping and pipelining services are designed to work in partnership with leadership teams and HR executives to implement succession in a highly efficient and effective way.

Our experience also extends to working across your business to secure the required talent for senior, specialist and hard to fill appointments ensuring future success through the following service lines:

  • Talent Insights – We build a richer picture of the talent landscape and the market you work within, helping you make better business decisions

  • Executive Search – Our systematic, research-led approach to executive search allows us to identify and secure the high-level candidates who can guide your business through times of transformation
  • Executive RPO – We provide a fully outsourced process for ensuring leadership hires in your business, allowing you to focus on business priorities without worrying about succession or finding new leaders
  • Candidate Referencing – We verify a candidate’s background and credentials to ensure every hire you make is the right one and to mitigate hiring risks
  • Management Due Diligence – By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of executive candidates, we make sure only the best join your senior team

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