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Talent Data for Bid Teams

Our dedicated Insights and Talent Analytics team deliver fully compliant, bid-ready talent intelligence to provide certainty around talent pool size, quality, and cost, allowing bid teams to project talent availability and salary costs more accurately in key locations.

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Our Commitment

As a global leader in research-driven talent solutions, Armstrong Craven has a strong track record of supporting leading international services companies with successful multi-million dollar bids. Our experience includes major private and public sector justice, industrial and transportation bids globally.

We work in true partnership and to your bid timeline, delivering critical talent data ready to be incorporated into your submission and acting as a consultative partner to your bid team.

We can advise on talent pool feasibility and sustainability at an early stage, deliver talent pool size and quality data, and make recommendations about salary cost, talent competition, EVP, attraction factors and time-to-hire all of which can support modelling for operating expenditure and mobilisation planning.

Providing Bid-Ready Salary Data

Proprietary data

With over 30 years of global experience, Armstrong Craven has access to an extensive existing salary and market data database gathered on live assignments.

Published data

The team analyses all available published salary data from salary surveys, subscriptions, press, company filings and aggregators.

Vacancy data

We search millions of live and historic job advertisements to gather real salaries for the relevant region, role and level.

Primary Data

Identify potential candidates for ethical, anonymous interviews to ascertain current and expected salary and live data on the talent market and your competitors.

How We Help

We want to support our clients to ensure they are provided with detailed and researched data on their talent needs for their latest expansion or project. Our service comprises four phases, each addressing vital questions for an organisation's hiring strategy. 

Phase 1: Global Talent Pool Analysis

Our talent pool analysis is vital to an organisation's success when placing talent with in-demand scarce skills, particularly in large volumes. We understand that talent acquisition teams are under pressure to hire while maintaining low costs and increasing diversity. Therefore, our expert research enables organisations to identify viable locations to hire the talent who will support them in achieving their goals. 

Our research provides real-time data on crucial areas, including:

  • Where talent is available 
  • Hiring costs
  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Hiring activity of competitors
  • Awareness and perception of your brand and organisation
  • Knowledge of local educational institutes 
Phase 2: Location Feasibility

Our location feasibility service provides detailed reports developed by our insight and talent analytics team that offer a deep understanding of the local talent population in a new location, country, or continent. These insights will ensure you have confidence about having your business operations in a particular location and will allow you to gain an edge over the competition. 

We are able to analyse a wide range of areas that businesses need to consider when setting up their operations, including:

  • Size of talent population 
  • Average experience levels 
  • Diversity of talent 
  • Employee benefits 
  • Cost of living 
  • Commuting trends
  • Language capabilities
Phase 3: Talent Mapping

Talent mapping provides a comprehensive insight into the current talent landscape, allowing us to identify relevant global talent aligned with the client's requirements. 

It also quantifies a particular market to enable our clients to understand the talent demographics in a specific location. This phase allows us to ask and answer the following crucial questions:

  • Where is the talent required?
  • Who are they employed by? 
  • How diverse is the talent? 
  • How prevalent is it? 
Phase 4: Talent Engagement

Talent engagement measures the strength of an employee's mental and emotional connection towards their workplace or employer. Highly engaged professionals associate their work with personal growth and are likely to show increased commitment to their employer. 

Getting talent engagement right can ensure an organisation stays ahead in a competitive market. We provide talent engagement in two methods, lite-screening and full competency-based screening.

Lite-screening: provides candidate engagement with a maximum number of mapped individuals for full competency-based screening. This screening typically has three or four agreed 'key qualifying questions'. 

Full competency-based screening: enables us to assess the candidates to generate a pipeline of Qualified-Interested-Available (QIA) talent with a detailed profile for each candidate. These candidates include talent not ready to engage now but may be suitable for an organisation's future hiring needs. 

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