Talent Insight

A fuller understanding for better-informed business decisions.

We build a richer picture of the talent landscape and the market you work within, helping you make better business decisions.

Talent Insight

How we help

Talent Insight helps identify trends, challenges, opportunities and the major players, to build a richer picture of your target markets.

Our intelligence adds excellent value to any acquisition strategy, but we go further than just analysing data, we talk to the people within the sector. Informal channels enable us to obtain strategic and unique insights unavailable from other sources.

There is no one-size-fits-all market intelligence, so every insight programme is unique and crafted for your business. We build relationships in your specific spheres of interest to deliver valuable information in direct response to your needs.

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The benefits of Talent Insight

We have an in-depth knowledge of key industries around the world.
We go beyond the data and make it our business to keep abreast of trends and challenges in your markets.
We identify and track significant players and emerging talents.
We gather the personal perspectives of influential figures working in key sectors and put this knowledge to work for our clients.
Our channels and methods provide insights into markets that might take months to gather by traditional means. 
You don’t just get the inside track - you get it faster and more cost-effectively.

Our approach to Talent Insight

Our team of experienced and professionally qualified experts build a bespoke insight programme to examine your particular business needs in whichever international marketplace you require.

Data Gathering

We combine traditional market intelligence analysis and digital data gathering techniques with people intelligence to build a three-dimensional picture of each market’s particular challenges, opportunities, trends and prospects.

Evaluation & Analysis

We gather, sift and evaluate intelligence from the public domain and online sources. Our service also adds personal market insight from those involved in and with the target market.

Final Report

We work alongside you to compare and interpret our findings to provide you with unique and unparalleled intelligence insight and strategic recommendations for your business needs.

Project Examples

Access the Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 7

The Review is read by over 8,000 HR and Talent Acquisition leaders globally and highlights key trends in HR and Talent Acquisition. In this edition, we examine working life post-pandemic and what this may mean for recruiters across the world. The review provides a careful and considered analysis regarding the future of recruitment, using staffing expansion in the pharmaceutical industry as a particular case study. To receive your copy, please leave your details below.

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