Talent Intelligence Consulting

Enabling HR and Talent leaders to develop world-class Talent Intelligence functions.

Increasingly companies are now building Talent Intelligence teams in-house. We support businesses in understanding the benefits of Talent Intelligence, creating the processes and implementing the technology and providing training.

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Talent Intelligence Consulting

What is Talent Intelligence?

Talent Intelligence is the combination and analysis of information about the external talent landscape to support business decisions.

Alongside the internal view offered by HR Analytics, it creates a 360-degree view for more informed, strategic talent teams.

Talent Intelligence isn't just about talent acquisition and can provide insight into competitor activity as well as informing real estate decisions and merger and acquisition activity.

How we help

Building on 30 years of experience in partnering with global, blue-chip organisations, we provide clients with the tools, training, expertise and capacity to realise immediate benefits for their Talent Intelligence capabilities. We set out the strategies and roadmaps for scaling and developing the function, creating a competitive advantage for your business.

Our Approach to Talent Intelligence Consulting

Whether you are building a Talent Intelligence function from scratch, augmenting or upskilling an existing Talent Acquisition team, or looking to build on existing talent intelligence capabilities, we will develop a proposal and framework to achieve your goals.

We start with an initial consultation to understand your goals and to get to know your unique context. This includes an analysis of your current capabilities, technology and tools, processes, current operating model, stakeholders and current vendors. We then work with you to develop a model that applies leading talent intelligence capabilities into your unique business environment to ensure success.


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The Benefits of Talent Intelligence

  • Tailored, strategic insights into talent demographics, skills, roles, functions and geographies drive better-informed business decisions
  • Intelligence on competitor activity feeds into HR, merger and acquisitions teams, strategic planning and driving better business decision making
  • Talent Intelligence teams elevate HR and Talent groups with data
  • Enables the talent function as a true, data-enabled business partner
  • Diagnose talent challenges including employer branding, retention, compensation and benefits, and diversity
  • Inform HR and Talent strategy including location decisions, organisational design and D&I strategy

Glossary: Talent Intelligence vs. Talent Analytics vs. HR, People and Workforce Analytics

  • Talent Intelligence

Definition: The collection and analysis of external labour market data, combined with primary insight to drive talent and business decisions.

Example business applications: Workforce planning, locating talent hubs and making real estate decisions, compensation and benefits studies, sentiment analysis, employer branding, DE&I

  • Talent Analytics

Definition: The quantitative analysis of external labour market data: an element of talent intelligence.

  • HR / People / Workforce Analytics

The collection and analysis of internal talent data to drive talent decisions.

The combination of talent intelligence with HR Analytics creates a 360° view of the talent landscape.

Download our complete guide to Talent Intelligence

Would you like to learn more about Talent Intelligence? Our report provides an introduction and overview of the Talent Intelligence discipline to HR, Talent and business leaders across industries. 


The report covers:

  • A Talent Intelligence overview
  • The Talent Intelligence function within a corporate setting
  • The business applications of Talent Intelligence
  • The difference between primary and secondary Talent Intelligence
  • The tools used by Talent Intelligence teams and professionals
  • A maturity model for Talent Intelligence capability
  • A case study outlining how a global FMCG business upskilled their Talent Acquisition group with Talent Intelligence and competitor insight capabilities

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