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COVID-19 has already hit global employment harder than the 2008 recession, which devastated the global economy. While those in lower-paid jobs are hit the hardest, there’s no doubt the pandemic is having a significant impact on the entire corporate world.

On this page, you'll find links to the Talent Storm blog series, outlining the challenges and opportunities brought about by COVID-19, alongside our recent webinar where our team discuss the implications for businesses alongside a panel of HR, Talent Acquisition and business leaders.

Watch our recent Talent Storm webinar:


Talent Storm Resources

How to navigate your business through the Talent Storm

Talent Insight

A fuller understanding for better-informed business decisions.

Talent Insight helps identify trends, challenges, opportunities and the major players, to build a richer picture of your target markets.

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Talent Pipelining

Plan today to secure the people you’ll need tomorrow.

Our Talent Pipelining service includes business continuity and succession planning, skills shortages and diversity planning which deliver cost and time savings by helping you understand and influence perceptions and build better relationships.

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Employer Brand Analysis

With the rise of social media and the ‘always on’ culture, employer brand has rapidly moved from being an abstract concept discussed in marketing agencies and boardrooms, to being an essential part of the toolkit companies need to attract talent.

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Mitigate Leadership Risk

Your leadership team are critical to the growth of your business, but without adequate succession, the departure of any leader could cause significant disruption.

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Access the Summer 2020 Armstrong Craven Review

The 2020 Summer edition of the Armstrong Craven Review is now available. In this edition, our experts have been taking an in-depth look into psychometric testing, building resilient teams and the rise of female CTOs.