Armstrong Craven relaunches Embedded Search and Talent Sourcing practice

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For many years Armstrong Craven has, alongside our other services, offered clients the opportunity to outsource our Talent Partners to work alongside their talent sourcing or talent acquisition team and take advantage of our specialist research-led talent search and sourcing skills. During this time, we have enjoyed successful partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world across all sectors.

Many clients want to move away from traditional, inflexible, one size fits all outsourcing contracts (RPO, MSA etc.) to a more flexible solution that offers more specialist skills. We have also seen many companies starting to understand the power of dedicated talent sourcing teams to support their internal teams in identifying and securing talent, especially talent that fits into one or more of these categories:

  • Hard to find 
  • Hard to engage
  • In demand 
  • Senior

With this unprecedented demand, Armstrong Craven has decided to relaunch our specialist service offering this expertise to clients, and we are proud to introduce our “Embedded Search and Talent Sourcing” practice.

We are, as we have always been, an experienced team. Fully equipped with market-leading tools, ready to apply our tried and tested search and sourcing methodology to help attract the talent that our clients’ need. We have the agility and scalability to take on these talent challenges faster and the experience, skills and tools to stand up teams to produce results quickly.

Experience of working with large multinational clients in today’s rapidly changing global economic climate tells us to remain agile in terms of the solutions we offer. We can provide a team fully embedded into a client’s talent acquisition structure or a team managed by us, working to agreed KPIs and timelines.

Whichever option is best for you, having an embedded resource can add real value to your business:

  • Armstrong Craven’s ES&TS team becomes a genuine partner, we grow within an organisation, learning from each other and becoming a stronger partner the longer the relationship lasts
  • Our team can flex in size and skills based on the needs of the project and can do this throughout the lifespan of the project
  • Providing a constant stream of talent insight and data, giving evidence to support critical talent and business decisions
  • Freeing up recruiters to focus on the latter part of the recruitment process, such as offer management and onboarding
  • Be able to react quickly and lead business growth campaigns, when a business needs to increase headcount at scale, we can provide that extra ‘firepower’ needed to proactively source the talent needed, especially when competition for talent is fierce
  • When a business needs to recruit and grow in a new territory, often their brand is less known, so they need to rely on talent sourcers speaking to prospective candidates, talking them through the benefits of the opportunity
  • Traditional recruiting methods lack the targeted approach needed when it comes to diversity hiring. Our sourcing team can focus efforts to identify and engage specific groups of talent

Our 30+ years’ experience as a research-led talent solutions partner means that when we embed an individual or a team in a business, we bring the experience and latest sourcing tools that Armstrong Craven is synonymous with, just in a slightly different way. We also have teams experienced at working as an embedded partner who add value from the first day of the project.

Speak to the team today to learn more about how our team could support you to hire scarce or senior talent at scale. 

Don't just take our word for it.

"This has been a great programme and we certainly couldn't have achieved what we did in 2022 without your support"

VP, Talent Acquisition in Financial Services

"We are really happy with the work AC are doing, the project and team is very well structured, more than us and you are overachieving. You are demonstrating precise research and great quality and because of this we are on track with both our hiring plan and our digital transformation"
People & Culture Partner in Financial Services

"The project is running very well and we are very happy with it, and clearly there was never any question for us about it continuing into 2023, we love that we don't just get "the hands", but also "the brains" and the project management support"

VP, Talent Acquisition in Tech

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