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What is the Inflation Reduction Act?

The Inflation Reduction Act is a U.S. federal law designed to curb inflation by addressing the federal deficit, cutting prescription drug prices, and investing in domestic energy production and clean energy. The legislation, with a $370 billion investment and $300 billion in deficit reduction, targets reducing energy costs, promoting private investment in clean energy, and generating new economic opportunities.

Discovering Green Skills with Strategic Talent Insights

To help address the rising cost of talent and increased demand for specific skills, a multinational renewable energy company engaged our services. They needed to understand more about the size of talent pools in specific locations, competition for talent across niche technical skills, early careers and long-term talent pipeline growth along with costs.

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Unlocking Global Talent:

Scarce and In-Demand Roles for Sustainability

Take a look at our diverse global projects through this visual. It showcases a handful of the scarce and sought-after talents that our experts have been working on in recent projects. Our experts are skilled in specialized senior positions and have experience in diverse project scopes. At Armstrong Craven, we have partnered with businesses across the globe to support this talent revolution, and we have applied our key services to find hard-to-reach talent through our research-driven approach.

Find out more about our global projects below.

Our Success Stories

Check out our extensive collection of successful projects in this industry by browsing through our comprehensive track record.

Semi Conductors

We completed a Talent Scan insights project on moving key talent pools (Design IP, Product Design, Engineering) to low cost locations in Europe.


A Mapping and Insights project took place during the company's investment phase in Renewables and Biofuels in the US. The client was hiring from outside of sectors, including fungal geneticists, enzymologists, and agronomists. 


We have experience in working on various projects related to the nuclear sector including Insights project focused on criticality and Radiological assessment and a Talent Mapping project on research into Global Nuclear talent pools.


This Executive Search project intended to identify a suitable candidate for the Head position at the Centre for Carbon Measurement.

Wind Energy

We conducted a Talent Scan to identify offshore engineering talent. The goal was to gain insights and a talent map to help recruit traditional oil & gas talent into renewables.


We successfully completed an Insights project that focuses on global research of nuclear talent pools.

Environmental Consultancy

We have executed an Executive Search project to identify a Managing Partner to join the C-suite level.

Wind Energy

The scope of the project meant we did a Talent Scan, which involved analyzing insights on engineering talent and competitor benchmarking talent research across five locations in the United States and Mexico.

Wind Turbine Manufacturer

We have undertaken an Executive Search project with the aim of identifying a suitable candidate for the position of Director, Business Development, within the wind energy sector.


An Executive Search project in which the priority was seeking a Business Leader in Reactor Operations Support. 

wind turbines

Green Skills Workforce in the US

Download our report for detailed insights into the supply-demand imbalances and challenges in green skills across the US, identifying critical areas in skills, roles and cities.

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How We Help

Our clients are some of the world’s most influential and respected businesses. They often come to us whilst undergoing transformational change and need to identify and recruit high-demand or specialised talent.

Explore our specialized services that support your business's talent strategy:

Green Talent Insight empowers strategic decision-making in the sustainable industry by delivering essential insights into the talent market. Our dedicated team leverages real-time data sourced from diverse channels and targeted talent communities, focusing on hiring trends, geographical nuances, employer reputation, compensation structures, and beyond. Uniquely, we unveil valuable insights through confidential interviews in the renewables space, providing your talent strategy with a distinct competitive advantage.

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Our Insight & Talent Analytics team help organization's performance, particularly when relocating operations to unfamiliar or new locations. From analyzing talent pools to providing insights on regional competition and understanding local talent motivations, we ensure that your strategic moves are well-informed. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, we have aided global organizations in navigating offshoring, near-shoring, and reshoring, offering a comprehensive understanding of talent-related factors, including cost, accessibility, attitudes, and motivations.

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Our Talent Mapping Service specializes in creating comprehensive and meticulously researched lists of candidate profiles, with a specific emphasis on identifying senior hard-to-find indaviduals. These tailored Talent Maps are invaluable for your teams, enabling them to proactively engage with senior professionals for immediate and future job openings. Additionally, our service offers a holistic view of the senior talent landscape in a particular market, allowing for targeted strategies based on sector, geography, role, seniority level, or diversity considerations.

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Organizations grappling with challenges in attracting essential talent often face this hurdle due to a lack of insight into where to locate and understand the preferences of their desired candidates. A Senior Talent Pipeline addresses these critical questions beforehand, ensuring that when recruitment needs arise, you are well-equipped to pinpoint the ideal individuals, engage with them effectively, and attract them to your organization.

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Our Deconstructed approach to executive search is designed for flexibility, offering each aspect of the process as an individual service or as part of a comprehensive end-to-end search. Clients benefit from complete data ownership, empowering them to make additional hires without incurring extra costs.

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