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Our Deconstructed approach to Executive Search allows each element of the process to be commissioned as a singular service, as well as providing end-to-end searches. Clients also receive full data ownership, meaning they can make additional hires at no extra cost.

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is a specialized recruitment service that focuses on identifying and hiring highly skilled individuals for senior-level and executive roles in various sectors.

We use a research-based methodology rather than relying on a database or ‘black book’. This gives you a complete view of the talent that matches your need along with their motivations and career plans. We develop a cohort of qualified and engaged candidates who are interested in joining your company.

Executive Search with Armstrong Craven is cost-effective, data immersive and has been proven successful for companies of all sizes and at stages of growth or transformation.

Executive Search Use Cases

At Armstrong Craven, we understand the challenges of finding the right senior team to drive your business growth in a competitive landscape. Our Executive Search service offers a research-led solution to secure scarce and senior talent while providing flexibility and cost reduction.

For 30+ years, we have established ourselves as the world’s leading executive research firm, cultivating high-level business relationships in multiple industry sectors. Armstrong Craven’s executive search consultants know where to look, who to ask and how to approach discreetly, so we can quickly engage with the best talent on your behalf. In doing so, you have access to the individuals who can take your business to the next level.

There are two elements to recruiting niche and scarce skills. The first is finding the right people where the art is being able to connect quickly and deeply with those specialist markets to identify the best people. The second is to be able to engage with those people, understand their ambition and motivation, and position your business to attract them. Using this approach will attract the best talent, helping you sustain a competitive advantage.

Often the most overlooked talent pool is the one already working with you. We can help you assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses and benchmark them against the external talent market.
Our executive search consultants help you locate highly developed or high potential talent within your business, ready to step up to take on new challenges. This holistic view helps you make informed choices about your existing talent, so you can ensure you have people in the best roles to drive your business performance.

Businesses succeed by maximising their use of talent, whatever background it might come from. We can help you target under-represented groups as part of your recruitment strategy. Using a targeted approach to improving diversity at all levels within the business will lead to improved business performance.

Executive Search Benefits

Quality Talent Access

We use the research-driven base to efficiently and methodically access talent pools worldwide, along with the expertise to engage with this talent even from a cold start. This capability guarantees that businesses can connect with and leverage top candidates with the precise skills and experience needed for various leadership positions.

Confidential and Discreet Searches

Armstrong Craven can conduct searches with strict confidentiality, a critical factor for organizations going through leadership transitions or seeking to replace current executives without any disturbances.

Global Presence

Our global presence allows organizations to access a diverse and international talent pool. This is particularly beneficial for companies operating worldwide or searching for executives with international expertise.

Our Deconstructed Executive Search Methodology

We work with you to identify which parts of the executive search process you’re comfortable handling and which parts you want us to look after. This way, you only pay for what you need, nothing else.

With the support of our Insight & Talent Analytics team, we take talent mapping to the next level. We meticulously map competitors and related organisations, ensuring a comprehensive view of the talent landscape.

This enables us to identify the most relevant individuals, providing you with the best starting point for engagement. Don't settle for limited insights and incomplete talent pools. Experience the difference of research-driven executive search and elevate your talent acquisition strategy.

Our engagement process goes beyond surface-level interactions. We aim to have meaningful career conversations with each target person, delving into their current responsibilities, progression prospects, and most importantly, their aspirations and ambitions. This in-depth understanding provides a valuable measure of the target talent pool.

When confidentiality allows, we openly share details of the role, inquire about people’s perceptions of our client, and explore factors such as location and remuneration. This level of engagement ensures a comprehensive evaluation of potential candidates and confirms their willingness to move forward.

This stage enriches the talent map with qualitative insights and helps narrow down the selection.

We understand that hiring decisions go beyond mere qualifications and skills. We go beyond traditional interviews and delve deep into career experiences, achievements, working styles, characteristics and developmental milestones. Through a thorough assessment and interview process, we carefully evaluate each candidate. This meticulous approach allows us to select the strongest individuals who align with your company's unique needs and goals.

The result? A final shortlist of candidates who not only have the capabilities to excel in the role but also possess the right cultural fit.

The final stage of the talent acquisition process is often underestimated.

We understand that communication and coordination are key during this crucial phase. Our team acts as a bridge, facilitating clear and timely communication between candidates and clients. We ensure that all parties are well-informed, addressing any concerns and providing support throughout the offer process.

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Executive Search: A Deconstructed Approach

To ensure that organisations remain competitive, innovative, and successful, they need strong and talented senior leadership with the experience and expertise to guide them and drive their business strategies.

Our insightful guide will first answer the most important question - what is Executive Search? We will discover what Executive Search is used for, its main benefits, and what the Executive Search process looks like. We then discuss why our alternative approach, Deconstructed Search™, provides a more transparent and value-added way to successful senior hiring.

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