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Many clients are moving away from traditional, inflexible, multi-year recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) contracts. These long-term relationships work well in times of predictable demand but become inefficient when demand for talent fluctuates. More organisations are moving to commission outsourcing for individual hiring projects, forming teams of specialist Talent Sourcers to support their internal TA teams.

How we help

At Armstrong Craven, we have always provided flexible solutions to support our clients. We specialise in finding hard-to-find, hard-to-engage and in-demand talent using our highly experienced research and talent sourcing teams, most of whom have 10+ years of sourcing experience. 

Our expertise in identifying and proactively engaging passive talent across the globe, the talent that doesn’t typically respond to any other traditional method, is unparalleled.

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We provide a fully outsourced service for generating qualified and screened talent, ensuring you can make the specialist and senior hires your business needs in an increasingly more competitive talent market. We allow you to focus on business priorities without worrying about identifying hard-to-find talent.

Our Search and Talent Sourcing methodology provides clients with a flexible and scalable service that complements your existing talent acquisition and executive search teams with an approach that fully aligns with your internal processes. 

Talent Sourcing is an adaptable service that can help free capacity, allow you to hire confidentiality or enhance your capability. It is a bespoke service that offers ‘headhunting at scale’ with all the efficiencies of an RPO solution combined with the high touch and exceptional quality of an executive search. 

We systematically identify and proactively engage the talent you need, bringing it to the table, for you to then take through your own hiring processes. We allocate flexible and highly experienced researchers and sourcers, meaning we can deal with peaks in hiring and place the exact number of people you need, exactly when you need them.

The benefits of Armstrong Craven Talent Sourcing

Our Search and Talent Sourcing projects deliver a talent pipeline filled with the most in-demand talent.

Our Talent Sourcing service can be fully mobilised in 2-4 weeks, and we are so confident in our team that we do not charge implementation fees and all of our contracts offer a 30-day notice period.

Whether you need to identify talent for an entire business unit or want to outsource sourcing in one particularly challenging vertical, we complement your existing talent acquisition and executive search teams with an approach that fully aligns with your internal processes.

We are a genuine partner and want you to get the most from our relationship, offering systematic views of the marketplace and giving full access to all mapping data generated from our talent insight team. We also research and report back on how you’re perceived and positioned, meaning we can effectively search beyond the typical talent pool to discover the most suitable candidates and give you the best chance to attract diverse talent.

How we helped Microsoft accelerate hiring in the cloud computing market

By the end of the process, we delivered:

  • Over 10,000 identified profiles
  • Over 2,000 candidates submitted for interview
  • 309 roles filled within six months across the EMEA and APAC regions
  • Cost-effective hiring with a cost of 8.5% of base salary per hire

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Covering 51 Countries in 3 Months

Our Global Insights

Our Talent Insights team has strategically mapped and engaged with multiple countries across the globe, gathering real-time data from a variety of data sources and relevant talent pools.