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Employer branding strategy and analysis have never been more vital due to the rise of social media and the 'always on' culture. It has rapidly moved from being an abstract concept discussed in marketing agencies and boardrooms to an essential part of a company’s toolkit to attract talent.

Employer Branding Strategy and Analysis

Every misstep is shared, every success can be shouted from the rooftops in moments, and those lucky (or unlucky) can even have their company messaging go viral. These phenomena are no longer restricted to those businesses interacting with consumers, with sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, meaning colleagues are now behaving more and more like consumers. 

How your brand and status as an employer is perceived can vary significantly by location and amongst different groups of talent.  Through employer brand research, our Insight & Talent Analytics team can help you understand how attractive your company is as an employer in every market and location where you do business.

Employer brand analysis is one of the most increasingly important tools in the talent professionals’ armory. Understanding the external perception of your brand is critical to allow you to implement programmes to improve it.  Our detailed employer brand research is one way we can help companies attract the best talent.

Importance of Robust Employer Branding Strategy and Analysis

A strong employer brand can give your organisation a competitive edge in searching for talent. In the digital age, where candidates have a wealth of information on their potential future employers, the need for a favourable business image has never been more crucial. Effective employer branding strategy can support you to:

A strong employer brand will build a positive reputation in the talent market, appealing to both passive and active candidates. 

People are more likely to stay with a company if they positively perceive them as an employer. A strong employer brand can foster a sense of loyalty and commitment among existing employees, reducing turnover and the associated costs of recruitment and training.

Reducing employee turnover and the costs involved, decreasing the time taken to hire candidates, and attracting more highly-skilled talent can help an organisation save time and money. 

In today's competitive job market, having a strong employer brand can differentiate a company from its competitors. Candidates may prioritise working for a company known for its positive work culture and employee support.

A well-established employer brand can create a talent pipeline, with potential candidates expressing interest in working for the company even if there are no immediate job openings. This gives the company a head start when new positions become available.

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