Talent Mapping

Get a better view of the current talent landscape.

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Talent Mapping provides in-depth and thoroughly researched lists of candidate profiles based on your specific brief. Talent Maps can be used by your TA or Exec Search teams for direct engagement against current or future vacancies. They also provide an overview of the talent demographics in a given market. Maps can be sector, geography, role, level or diversity-specific.

Why use Talent Mapping?

Planning to ensure your business has the right people today and for tomorrow is vital to any organisation. HR leaders need to critically appraise their organisation’s strategic direction, conduct detailed competitor and sector analysis, and identify what skills will be required for the future.

 The most common reason for talent mapping is to help an organisation find and acquire the best talent. By enabling you to have a complete picture of the available talent in target markets, you can get a clear idea of the task ahead. Our talent maps are typically the prelude to a pipelining process.


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How we help

We partner with your business’ internal HR or talent acquisition team to provide a targeted, high quality and cost-effective service, allowing you to take a strategic approach to hiring the right people.

  • Our talent mapping service boosts your team’s access to candidates and particularly helps where capacity or lack of specialist research skills is an issue. 
  • With a powerful combination of boolean and AI/ML searching, we have access to over 40 global online resources that ensures we can scour the market for the profiles you need, going way beyond standard LinkedIn searches.
  • The talent mapping process identifies profiles of potential talent for your talent acquisition team to contact, engage and take on through your hiring process. Reports are fully GDPR compliant and typically contain companies, names, job titles and contact details.

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