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Our Talent Mapping Service provides in-depth and thoroughly researched lists of candidate profiles based on your specific brief. Talent Maps can be used by your TA or Exec Search teams for direct engagement against current or future vacancies. They also provide an overview of the talent demographics in a given market. Maps can be sector, geography, role, level or diversity-specific.

Why use Talent Mapping?

Planning to ensure your business has the right people today and for tomorrow is vital to any organisation. HR leaders need to critically appraise their organisation’s strategic direction, conduct detailed competitor and sector analysis, and identify what skills will be required for the future.

The most common reason for talent mapping services is to help an organisation find and acquire the best talent. By enabling you to have a complete picture of the available talent in target markets, you can get a clear idea of the task ahead. Our talent maps are typically the prelude to a pipelining process.


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Talent Mapping Use Cases

Sourcing Tool

Talent Mapping is a valuable tool to enhance the efficiency of time-constrained Talent Acquisition (TA) or In-house Executive Search teams. It involves identifying suitable individuals with the relevant backgrounds, skills, and characteristics. Subsequently, TA teams can reach out and connect with the individuals on the talent map to create interest in current or upcoming opportunities, such as succession planning, multiple hiring, investment hiring, or entering new markets. 

Providing Insight

Talent Maps are filled with valuable insights that businesses can utilize in numerous ways to gain a better understanding of a specific market, job category, location, or even competitors.

How we help

We partner with your business’ internal HR or talent acquisition team to provide a targeted, high quality and cost-effective service, allowing you to take a strategic approach to hiring the right people.

  • Our talent mapping service boosts your team’s access to candidates and particularly helps where capacity or lack of specialist research skills is an issue. 
  • With a powerful combination of boolean and AI/ML searching, we have access to over 40 global online resources that ensures we can scour the market for the profiles you need, going way beyond standard LinkedIn searches.
  • The talent mapping process identifies profiles of potential talent for your talent acquisition team to contact, engage and take on through your hiring process. Reports are fully GDPR compliant and typically contain companies, names, job titles and contact details.

Talent Mapping Service Benefits

Talent Mapping is an essential service for identifying high-quality candidates for scarce, in-demand, and senior positions. The benefits of adopting a talent mapping process for your organisation include: 

A talent map will help you to build an understanding of where pools of niche, scarce, and in-demand talent are located, who employs them, and the skills they possess. The data gathered should be used to inform both current and future recruitment strategies, as well as a tool to inform broader workforce planning and people initiatives.    

Talent mapping can help quantify a particular market, allowing you to understand talent demographics. It answers questions including:

  • Where is the talent we need? 
  • Who is employing it? 
  • How prevalent is it? 
  • How diverse is it?

Access to robust talent mapping allows your team to focus on what they should be doing - engaging with passive talent and building relationships that result in great hires.

Our talent maps can be used to give you vital insight into under-represented social groups as part of your diversity strategy. To make informed decisions about improving DE&I, you need actional insights and a fresh approach to finding talent. We facilitate this using a targeted approach to improving diversity at all levels within the business.

Provides access to pay, benefits, and work flexibility data which supports organisations to be able to set a benchmark for building competitive propositions for potential talent. 

A talent map can be used to build a comprehensive picture of your key competitors, benchmarking their organisational design and operating models against yours, identifying their key talent and driving your competitive advantage. 

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A Comprehensive Guide to Talent Mapping

In today's ever-evolving global business landscape, organisations face the constant challenge of staying ahead in increasingly competitive markets. To succeed, businesses need influential leaders and a skilled, innovative workforce that can maximise performance. 

Our comprehensive guide will first answer the crucial question - what is talent mapping? We’ll then explore the key benefits a talent mapping service offers to organisations of all sizes, locations, and industries and what the talent mapping process looks like. 

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Our Talent Insights team has strategically mapped and engaged with multiple countries across the globe, gathering real-time data from a variety of data sources and relevant talent pools.