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Businesses that struggle to attract the talent they need, do so because they don’t know where to find them or what they want. A Talent Pipeline tackles these challenging questions in advance so that as your need to recruit arises, you will know where to find the right people, how to engage with them and how to attract them.

What is Talent Pipelining?

Talent Pipelining is a strategic approach to identifying and engaging the right candidates, no matter where they are in the world. A Talent Pipeline is a list of pre-qualified, engaged and available talent identified to fill a specific role or multiple roles. Importantly, Talent Pipelines can be built for current vacancies or future needs, which means there are many applications of Pipelining.

We build Talent Pipelines on your behalf, enabling you to develop and cultivate strong relationships with pipeline candidates, until the time is right for you to make an offer. Additionally, our pipelining service provides valuable talent insights into how candidates perceive your company, helping you develop strategies to enhance your employer brand.

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Talent Pipelining Use Cases

Disruption is an unavoidable factor in people planning and it pays to be ready when it comes. A talent pipeline can help you identify and cultivate the individuals ready to ‘step up’ when it does, thus helping to ensure business continuity (or minimal business disruption) due to unexpected changes.

Growth is the target of most businesses. But it can also prove their greatest challenge if it isn't planned for. As businesses grow, they need to take on new talent to continue to deliver their success. By pipelining talent and engaging with a pool of external talent in advance, growth can be managed and talent integrated as the strategy and performance dictates, substantially reducing the people risks associated with growth.


Businesses need to attract the best people. We can help you establish the strategies and relationships that will help your business broaden its talent pool. Using a talent pipeline provides a targeted approach to improving diversity at all levels within the business will lead to increased revenues and business performance.

Often described as ‘just common sense’, business continuity is also described in terms of resilience and agility. We can build a talent pipeline to help you identify the people with the resilience and agility to underpin your future business success and reduce risk.

As it does with your customers, your business has a brand identity amongst your employees and potential employees. We can help you understand and develop your employee brand to get the best out of your people. By understanding how your brand is perceived in the marketplace and amongst new generations, we help you adapt to attract the best talent for the future.

Succession Planning

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How we help

We can help you transform your hiring strategy from reactive and costly to future-proofed and strategic with our Talent Pipelining solution. We take care of the entire process, from screening candidates to delivering a list of ready-to-hire individuals for your current and future needs.

  • We help by finding you're future talent and their specific requirements.
  • Help you plan proactively for your workforce to have a consistent pool of skilled candidates for critical positions.
  • Aligning your Talent Pipeline with your strategic business objectives and priorities

Talent Pipelining Benefits

Improves Succession Planning

A strong Talent Pipeline strategy is crucial for succession planning. Creating an external Talent Pipeline for key positions can enhance your internal succession pool, fill gaps in areas lacking internal talent, and provide fresh perspectives and skills that align with your future business strategy, which may not currently be available internally.

Enhancing Workforce Diversity

Talent Pipelines enable talent acquisition to attract candidates from various groups they aim to engage, including individuals from different industries, countries, and cultures, establishing relationships with them in advance. This proactive approach ensures a pool of qualified candidates from underrepresented groups when a future position opens up. This strategy is especially beneficial in sectors or job families where talent from certain underrepresented groups is limited. While many companies strive for a diverse shortlist, it can be challenging to achieve if there is a lack of diverse talent available.

Attracting Higher-Quality Talent

The Talent Pipelining strategy involves thoroughly understanding each professional's strengths and assessing their compatibility with the company's culture and values. By doing so, this method reduces uncertainty in the hiring process and results in higher-quality recruitment decisions.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Talent Pipelining

As organisations navigate expansions into new markets or address talent shortages in specific areas of their businesses, the concept of a talent pipeline becomes a strategic necessity. This proactive approach to talent management caters to immediate and future staffing needs and provides significant benefits that extend well beyond traditional and often ineffective recruitment practices. 

This insightful guide will first answer the most vital question - what is Talent Pipelining? We will explore what Talent Pipelining is used for, its key benefits, and what the Talent Pipelining process looks like

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