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We work with the world’s most influential & respected businesses within the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry undergoing transformational change. Our industry-focussed specialists engage with this sector worldwide gaining market insights needed to identify & recruit specialised talent.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry

The Healthcare and Life Sciences sector is no stranger to continual transformation; growing emerging markets and developing countries, pricing challenges, a regulatory changing landscape and new sales models.

In order to create a competitive advantage, it is imperative that our clients align their talent strategy with their business goals to ensure they have the best team to tackle these challenges.

But with four in every five roles classed as niche positions in this sector, demand for exceptional specialist talent always outstrips supply, which makes sourcing the best people a much bigger challenge.

We help our clients to build robust, far-sighted people strategies that help them understand, identify and engage the best talent.


Biotech will represent 35% of spending globally in 2027 and will include both breakthrough cell and gene therapies, as well as a maturing biosimilar segment. Source: IQVIA Institute of Human Data Science.

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Our team includes scientists, healthcare professionals and linguists, with a strong combination of skills and industry knowledge, who map the external talent landscape. We will help you to gather insight into markets and people and plan such talent into your business pipeline.

Our client base is diverse and global, from top ten pharmaceutical companies to budding biotechnology start-ups, medical device companies to consumer healthcare companies and CMOs to healthcare providers.

Regional President International and Global Healthcare & Life Sciences

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Research-driven Talent Solutions

Armstrong Craven’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team provides Research-driven Talent Solutions that enable your business to understand, plan, find and engage the people that you need in order to succeed today, tomorrow and beyond.

Ensuring that your organization has the right people now and in the future is essential for success. HR executives must carefully evaluate the strategic trajectory of their organization, analyze competitors and industry trends thoroughly, and pinpoint the skills necessary for future growth and innovation. We collaborate closely with your organization's internal HR or TA team to deliver a tailored, top-tier, and budget-conscious service.

This proactive planning is imperative to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of Healthcare & Life Sciences.

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For organisations facing challenges in attracting the right talent, our Talent Pipeline service is the solution. By addressing critical questions in advance, such as where to find top talent and what they desire, we ensure that when recruitment needs arise, you're well-prepared.

You'll know exactly where to find the perfect candidates, how to effectively engage, and how to attract successfully.

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With Talent Insight, we empower smarter decision-making by offering essential insights into the talent market. Our expert team collects real-time data from diverse sources and pertinent talent networks regarding hiring trends, preferred locations, employer reputation, compensation insights, and beyond.

Through confidential interviews with hard-to-reach talent, we unveil hidden insights to give your talent strategy a competitive edge.

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Our Talent Sourcing methodology offers a flexible and scalable service, seamlessly integrating with your existing talent acquisition and executive search teams while aligning with internal processes. It provides the freedom to free up capacity, ensure confidentiality in hiring, or boost capability. 

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Why Talent Is The Biggest Barrier To Scaling Technologies

From Financial, Professional, and Business services to Industrial and Engineering to HealthCare and Life Sciences, each of the industries we serve are under fire from a talent-based barrier as they look to digitise.

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Demand for innovative drugs will drive oncology spending to approximately $370 billion by 2027, almost double the current level. Source: IQVIA Institute of Human Data Science.

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