How should you focus your search to attract the best Tech Talent?

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In order to find the best Tech talent, you must identify where your search lives. Without a doubt, as the need for talented software developers has increased dramatically in the past decade, you will most certainly have to apply your search to the passive market. 

In order to find the best talent, you must identify who your ideal candidate is and how to target them. Imploring hiring managers to involve themselves in the early stages of talent acquisition is a pivotal part of successful recruitment. They should be your “Talent Magnets” holding a strong social media presence, catching candidates who may be contemplating moving. 

Additionally, consider what environmental and cultural highlights are visible for people looking in from the outside? For example, how does your business present itself on social media? Can potential new recruits discover your true brand ethos from your LinkedIn page? Are they updated regularly? Tapping into the passive market means brand awareness. It is vital you make your business attractive to undecided candidates.

Consider Updating Your Hiring Process

If your company sells high street clothing, you will be used to having a strong brand amongst a talent market of fashion candidates that love your clothing pieces. However, when you want to recruit software developers you may find that your company isn’t so appealing. Our latest white papers address how you can tailor your hiring process when recruiting for a different type of candidate.

What Processes Should I Employ To Attract Tech Talent?

In the Armstrong Craven Spring 2021 review, we analyse a variety of methods you may need to employ in order to attract, develop and retain talented tech individuals. For example, promoting your value as an employer- you may also have to remind or even train your hiring managers to adapt to this process. To find out more, access Ian Millard's article 'How to Attract the Tech Talent You Need in Line with Your Digitisation Strategy' and discover our extensive qualitative research, with insight from senior technology leaders about attracting and retaining new types of candidates.

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