Tech sector challenged over diversity

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Tech companies in the UK will come under pressure tomorrow to improve their approach to diversity.

A report by Tech London Advocates will say that the sector needs to put far greater emphasis on tapping into talent among women and ethnic minorities.

The organisation, which supports the 320,000 people working in the capital’s digital sector, will warn that tech businesses lag “woefully behind” FTSE 100 companies in terms of gender diversity with only 17% of the London tech workforce being female.

The report by Tech London Advocates is part of a wider initiative called the TLA Road to One Million urging companies to create a million tech jobs in London by 2023.

TLA says there is a need to recruit around 10,000 new employees in the sector each month in order to meet requirements.

TLA is campaigning for at least a third of employees and board members in London’s tech companies to be female within five years, while also stepping up efforts to recruit more ethnic minority talent.

Armstrong Craven is working with a number of tech businesses in the UK and globally helping them to identify, attract and retain the best digital talent.

We know from our own extensive research that diversity is a major challenge facing companies in the sector. We are partnering with both global tech brands and scale-up companies to provide them with insight, mapping and pipelining services which enable them to gain significant competitor advantage.

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