Maximizing Asian Neuroscience Leadership through Effective Talent Pipelining

A major Pharmaceutical company in APAC approached Armstrong Craven searching for exceptional candidates with a neuroscience research and development background, particularly those in VP and Director positions. However, there is a significant shortage of both expat and national returnee talent, resulting in several pivotal leadership roles remaining unfilled.

Background & Scope

A new Neuroscience Research and Development facility has been established in APAC. Internally, significant talent gaps have been identified, with a particular need for national returnee talent and a lack of expat applicants. However, several key roles remain unpopulated.

The company took a cautious approach to its PR strategies and messaging due to potential risk factors. This was due to some concerns regarding the upcoming drug launches due to the recent commercial scandal that has impacted the public relations of the company. Additionally, the timing of the build is also a point of consideration.

The Outcome

We have identified prominent neuroscience competitors in APAC and R&D hubs in the US and Europe. Furthermore, we’ve conducted career conversations to comprehend the behaviours, motivations, and opinions of our clients' top leadership talent.

We organised a pipeline of 28 based on the likelihood of relocation, which yielded valuable insights regarding our employer brand. Additionally, we developed a robust public relations message that reaffirmed our dedication to neuroscience in the region, despite any potential PR challenges.

Key Results

As of today, we have made four hires with an average cost per hire of 6.4%. Fortunately, there are no supplementary expenses for future hires. The data insights we've gathered this far continue to be invaluable in shaping our talent attraction strategies.

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