Our bi-annual report looking at the key business challenges, HR & TA teams are facing and we share some of our market insight and what the landscape for the next 12 months looks like.

What is the Armstrong Craven Review?

The purpose of the AC Review is to discuss and highlight some of the key business challenges, Human Resource Teams and Talent Acquisition Teams are facing and share with you some of our market insight and give our insight into what we believe the landscape for the next 12 months looks like.

What are the topics covered in this edition?

The main areas of focus within the latest AC Review are centred around highly important HR and Talent Acquisition trends around the topics of;

  • Recruitment Technology – We discover what are some of the biggest challenges faced for Talent Acquisition specialists today within the workplace, providing guidance on how you should be creating your talent acquisition strategy and how you should assess the impact of technology within your recruitment drive.
  • Unconscious Bias – We’ve analysed many different industries to provide insight on the unconscious bias that still occurs within the workplace today. Unconscious bias, unfortunately, is here to stay as it’s scientifically proven. But we explore ways in which firms can help mitigate unconscious bias issues from happening within the workplace.
  • Return to Work – Research indicated that almost 90% of women face issues when returning to work following maternity leave. We interviewed recent returners and senior leaders from organisations to help shed light on this topic.

Armstrong Craven publishes the Armstrong Craven Review, providing commentary on key HR and Talent Acquisition topics such as neurodiversity, agile recruitment, digital transformation and Gen Z. The Review is read by over 8,000 HR and Talent Acquisition leaders globally. If you would like to discuss Talent Intelligence in more detail, contact us today.