Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 9



The latest edition of the Armstrong Craven Review examines how global events have caused businesses to rethink leadership and talent strategy. The review examines how organisations must balance the tensions between operational and strategic talent priorities to be successful. In addition, we ask, what’s next for EVP? We explore what effects menopause has on women in the workplace and discover how to succeed in confronting imposter syndrome.

What’s Inside Volume 9 of the Armstrong Craven Review? 

The latest edition follows on from our Co-CEOs' extensive travels around the world, meeting our international teams and clients. Through these meetings, we have gained fascinating insights into businesses' challenges, opportunities, and predictions for 2023. Based on these insights, Armstrong Craven's specialists discuss some critical topics surrounding talent acquisition in the current climate. We explore: 

  • Strategic vs Operational Tensions in Talent Planning.
  • Confronting Imposter Syndrome and Learning how to Succeed.
  • The Power of Strong Leadership in Times of Uncertainty.
  • The Employee Value Proposition: Where to Next?
  • Women and Menopause in the Workplace.

At Armstrong Craven, we see first-hand that whilst the talent market remains highly competitive, uncertainty due to recent global events has added to the challenges faced by businesses. As part of their talent strategies, organisations are increasing their focus on diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing, and building a unique and attractive Employee Value Proposition to give them an upper hand over the competition in an increasingly complex talent market. Above all, in these times of uncertainty, businesses need strong leaders to guide the workforce through times of change and crisis successfully. 

Through our extensive and unique research across HR and Talent Acquisition, we can provide insights into vital trends and issues currently gripping the talent market. Our previous reviews have covered topics such as ESG and the role of shadow boards, the rise of hybrid working, artificial intelligence, and much more. You can browse all past editions on our AC Review hub

Our informative pieces have been composed through our experience, discussions, and substantial research with worldwide TA and HR communities across various industries, including technology, financial and professional services, consumer, healthcare, and industrial. 

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