Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DE&I



As part of the Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 8, discover the latest insights surrounding machine learning and how talent acquisition processes must balance emerging AI-powered methods and the traditional human touch.

Today, it has never been clearer to see that the continued development of technology is disrupting and replacing long-standing industry models. Therefore, it is no surprise that technologies like Machine Learning and AI are raising concerns about future job security.

Harmonising AI with a Human Touch

Constant anxiety is present when a balance between new tech and a human-centric perspective is not met. So, to ease concerns around emerging technologies, are there ways we can harness the power of Machine Learning and AI to better the lives of people and champion equity? Additionally, within talent acquisition, should we start looking at ML as a tool to help streamline analytical tasks, enhance DE&I initiatives, and deliver improved results rather than consider it as a harmful disruptor? 

The article covers the key points such as:

  • Optimising Machine Learning to streamline talent acquisition processes and supplement DE&I initiatives
  • Why ML cannot fully replace the human touch of talent acquisition
  • How Machine Learning can be an invaluable tool to enhance the capabilities of human consultants

Machine Learning is changing the world by transforming sectors such as healthcare services, education, transport, food, entertainment and talent acquisition. Certainly, AI and its subcategory, machine learning, will continue to shape our future. According to a recent Ipsos Mori survey, 60% of adults expect that AI products and services will change their daily lives in the next three to five years. From using Google maps, navigating social media or even passing an exam at university, machine learning is changing how we learn, communicate and do business. Moreover, when it comes to talent acquisition tools, AI can drive the way consultants find candidates.

“Employers are turning to mathematically modelled ways of sifting through job applications. Even when wrong, their verdicts seem beyond dispute – and they tend to punish the poor”
- Cathy O’Neil, author of Weapons of Math Destruction 

Of course, ML and AI will be invaluable parts of a TA team’s toolkit, but when it comes to hiring biases and the nuances of a diverse talent search, the entire process cannot solely rely on machines. Ultimately, we must find a balance and a way to harmonise AI with a human touch.

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