Attracting Female Talent - Getting Gender Diversity Right



In this article from the June 2018 edition of the Armstrong Craven Review, Charlotte Moffatt gives an insight into gender diversity and how to attract female talent.

Attracting Female Talent -  Getting Gender Diversity Right

What’s included in this article?

In this article from the Armstrong Craven Review, June 2018, our expert Nobumi Kobayash takes a look at the different types of unconscious bias and what businesses can do to remove this from their recruitment processes.

In this article, Nobumi takes an insightful look at:

  • Why gender diversity is critical
  • Diversity challenges
  • Changes in attitude
  • Gender diversity initiatives
  • How to approach/attract female talent
Gender diversity is not a new topic. 

Ever since I joined Armstrong Craven in 2011 I have been helping clients to understand the motivations of female talent and how to attract women, particularly in typically male-dominated industries such as oil & gas, engineering, financial services and technology. 

Aside from being ethically correct, figures produced by financial services multinational Morgan Stanley show that companies with more women in senior management positions have outperformed their less diverse competitors in terms of delivering returns. 

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