Attracting Neurodiverse Talent



As part of our July 2019 Review, Robert Fulford takes an insightful look the ways to attract neurodiverse talent.

Attracting Neurodiverse Talent

What’s included in this article?

In this article from the Armstrong Craven Review, July 2019, our expert Robert Fulford looks into the challenges and recruiting strategies of acquiring neurodiverse talent.

In this article, Robert takes an insightful look at:

  • An overview of neurodiversity
  • Challenges around neurodiversity and work
  • Recruiting for Neurodiversity
Our world is becoming more digitally connected, not less. Those who are neurodivergent, who have diversity of thought, are showing themselves to be highly capable in the digital world and beyond.
The business case for neurodiversity relates strongly to talent acquisition, and a growing number of companies are launching initiatives to hire neurodiverse talent.

Neurodiversity includes conditions that are developmental, relating to skills such as reading or writing (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia), clinical (autism, ADHD, Tourette’s), or acquired (changes in mental health or arising from neurological illness or brain injury).

Up to 15% of people are neurodivergent and this talent is increasingly being recognised in the commercial world, driven by the war for talent and wider diversity and inclusion agendas.

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