Implementing a DE&I Strategy Which Looks Beyond Unconscious Bias



As part of our Spring 2021 Review, we look at the USA and discuss the importance of serious structural commitments to change and the implementation of DE&I strategies.

Implementing a DE&I Strategy

As unconscious bias continues to be an issue in the hiring process, we’ve asked our experts about the ways businesses can overcome this. One way is to become more educated when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Looking at how to integrate a meaningful DE&I strategy and policies into the organisational structure and corporate culture.

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What's included in the article?

In this article from the Spring 2021 Armstrong Craven Review, our experts take a look at how psychometrics have been supporting diversity in the talent acquisition process and how it can continue to benefit talent teams.

The article covers key issues such as:

  • Going deeper than surface level. What serious structural commitments look like.
  • The danger of not approaching D&I with a serious commitment.
  • Looking beyond businesses cases and looking at Diversity as a core principle.
  • Our expert, David M. Helfrich, joins our Insight Team to take a look at Diversity and Inclusion in the USA.

It is imperative to integrate a meaningful D&I strategy, and policies, into the organizational structure and corporate culture. The commitment to diversity means cursory and symbolic gestures are no longer enough. Instituting more substantive, structural and fundamental practices to support diversity are key.

In the United States, many companies speak the D&I lingo. Celebrating Black/Latinx /Native American Heritage month and attending the occasional unconscious bias training seminar. But this is a surface-level approach to increasing diversity. It’s far less common to see serious structural commitments to fundamental change with regards to how organizations view and implement D&I strategies. 

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