Lifting the lid on D&I in the FTSE100



Dive into the intricacies of diversity and inclusion within the FTSE 100 companies. Our whitepaper challenges conventional thinking by scrutinising variations in D&I approaches, reporting structures, budgets and accountability.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are at the forefront of our consciousness, propelled under the spotlight by the profound impact of global events and social movements. Despite all the D&I commitments made and information published by the FTSE 100 companies, it is difficult to gain a clear understanding of the key factors influencing D&I progress within these businesses.

The statistics produced during our research show many challenges still remain. Only nine of the current CEOs in the FTSE 100 are female, with only 11% of CEOs coming from a non-white European background. With these figures highlighting the work that still needs to be done, we sought the views and aspirations of those on the front line, leading D&I activity within these top-tier companies.

"Success means there is no longer a need for my role - responsibility for D&I is attributable to everyone in the company." 
D&I Leader FTSE 100, Technology Sector

We’ve delved deeper into the subject in this whitepaper, discussing:

  • The variety of D&I roles, remits and areas of focus across the FTSE 100 companies.
  • The dynamics between HR and D&I.
  • The scarcity of executive roles specifically dedicated to D&I in the FTSE 100.
  • The growing alignment between D&I and Sustainability/ESG objectives.

With a distinct lack of progress within the FTSE 100 companies around D&I, the pressing question remains: Are corporations making genuine strides or merely ticking boxes? Our analysis of the FTSE 100 reveals surprising gaps and critical nuances. It's not just about having a D&I policy; it's about integrating these principles into the core of your business. While D&I may be complex, if meaningful change is the end goal then it is essential to understand the key skills of effective D&I practitioners. 

If you're keen to move beyond surface-level D&I commitments and integrate real, meaningful change into your organisation, speak to our team. Our bespoke solutions in talent insight and acquisition are designed to help you understand, engage, and retain underrepresented talent effectively.

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Nina Johnson
Senior Commercial Insights Manager

Nina works with forward-thinking organisations to address business challenges through the provision of insights, executive search and talent pipelining services. Her background spans internal talent acquisition/executive search, research, consultancy and business development across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. With a degree in History of Modern Art, Nina is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures & Commerce and has recently completed her CIPD.