Insights into the US Green Skills Workforce



Explore the current state of green skills across major US cities with our comprehensive report. Through a detailed analysis of talent supply and demand, we've pinpointed areas with shortages and skills gaps in renewables, environment, and sustainability. Delve into the specific challenges faced in sectors like Hydropower, Nuclear Power, Offshore, and Wind Energy, and discover actionable insights on how companies can strategically address these gaps through reskilling initiatives.

In the Environment and Sustainability space, uncover where talent shortages are most pronounced, particularly in senior roles like Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability. We shed light on the demand for Carbon Management roles across cities like New York, San Francisco, and Houston. 

A key part of our report is the crucial 'Build or Buy' decision companies increasingly face amid these green skills gaps, with reskilling emerging as a pragmatic and essential strategy. 

This report serves as a valuable resource for professionals and firms navigating the evolving talent scenario in this sector. It offers practical guidance and insights to drive strategic decision-making.

'As the green skills landscape rapidly evolves, it's imperative for businesses to adapt their talent strategies, recognising the pivotal role of reskilling in bridging these crucial gaps.' 
- Chloe Wood | Insights & Talent Analytics Partner, Armstrong Craven

The Key Topics Explored in our Green Skills Report

Discover the crucial areas we dive into in our exploration of the current state of green skills across US cities. 

  • Talent Shortages Across Green Sectors: The report analyzes talent shortages across major US cities in renewable energy, environmental, and sustainability sectors.

  • Skills Gaps and Unstable Talent Pools Defined: The report introduces the concepts of skills gaps and unstable talent pools, which are crucial for understanding the dynamics of green skills in the workforce.

  • Renewables Challenges in Nuclear Power: We highlight specific challenges in Nuclear Power with cities like Philadelphia and Chicago, which are major producers of nuclear power, facing severe skills shortages and unstable talent pools

  • Geographical Disadvantages in Renewable Skills: The report examines how geographic disadvantages impact skills gaps, focusing on cities like Phoenix and San Diego. 

  • Corporate Sustainability and Future Talent Demand: The study delves into Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability talent shortages, emphasizing the demand for senior roles.

Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and position your company for success in the ever-evolving and crucial landscape of green skills. Complete the form above and download the "Green Skills US - Insights Report" today.


Chloe Wood
Insights & Talent Analytics Partner

Chloe is a crucial member of the Armstrong Craven team, playing a pivotal role in the Insights and Talent Analytics practice. With a focus on secondary research, she adeptly leverages various online sources to provide in-depth analyses for our clients. Collaborating closely with our partners, Chloe leads bespoke projects that address essential business and talent questions. Her areas of expertise encompass talent mapping, location studies, salary benchmarking, EVP insights, and primary insights, ensuring tailored and comprehensive solutions for our clients.