Returning To Work



As part of our Spring 2020 Review, we discuss the issues faced while on maternity leave which made returning to work a more daunting process.

Overcoming the stress of returning to work

What’s included in the article?

    In this article from the Spring Armstrong Craven Review, our experts analyse the issues women face when returning to work and how businesses can work harder to resolve them.

    We’ve interviewed experts from leading companies including Lloyds Banking Group, and Credit Suisse, to find out how major organisations were addressing this topic and to understand a range of employee experiences.

    The three key issues discussed are:

    • Lack of communication from their employer
    • Chasing their employer on KIT days and return dates
    • Insufficient handover when returning to work

    From 15 weeks in Belgium to 52 in the UK, each country takes a different approach to maternity leave. Regardless, it’s still a lengthy step away from the working environment, and during this time, companies can completely change. Whether it’s worrying about a shift in culture or being away from their child for the first time, a return to work can be daunting for new parents.

    In the ‘Return to Work’ article from our Spring 2020 Armstrong Craven Review, we interviewed recent returners and senior leaders in companies around the world to discover the most significant barriers affecting those returning to work.

    Through our research, we found that 83% of participants felt nervous about returning to work, with around 50% admitting they’d considered handing in their notice within a year.

    The shift from full-time parenthood to a working-parent can present new challenges. Not only is there plenty of catching up to do, but family commitments also need to fit into the schedule. The previous stats show retention can be an issue for many businesses, so employers need to ensure they have the right support in place for parents to transition back into the office quickly.